---------  VIP Invite to Spend 3 Days with Grace at Her Home  ---------
“Ready To Create, Plan, And Fill Up Your Own Massively Successful And Profitable VIP Retreat—With The Help Of Grace and Her Team?"
So You Can Create an up to $100,000 Payday For Your Business Inside Of Just 90 Days! 
From The Desk Of Grace Lever
Aldgate, South Australia

Hey Lovely, 

Do you want to know, with certainty, how to create and sell your own VIP Retreat fast?

So you can make a deeper impact with your message...

Develop stronger relationships with prospects and clients in just a few days...

Create a windfall of cash (up to 6 figures from just one retreat!)...

And position yourself as the go-to expert in your niche?

Not to mention, how to do all of that right from your home, office, or gorgeous location you’ve always wanted to visit?

Well, then this letter is your new best friend :-)

Let me tell you why...
Because If Any Of This Sounds Like You...
I've always wanted to do a retreat, but I've had ZERO idea where to start...

I'm held back by the fear that I'm not far along enough in my biz to hold a retreat, but I still want to do it! 

I don't have lots of followers or fancy success stories, so I don't know if a VIP Event would work for me...

Managing budgets for a retreat is certainly NOT in my Genius Zone... How do I plan a benefit-driven, profitable event without overspending? 

Don’t I need to sell 100s of tickets for a successful retreat?

I already tried to fill a retreat before and had to cancel because no one signed up! Maybe it’s just not for me...

Knowing how to plan the content feels overwhelming and confusing. Making it valuable for my guests is #1 for me...

Marketing makes me want to take a stress nap, especially for a live event! I don’t ever want to be slimy or sleazy when promoting.
I Promise You You're Not Alone
SO many of the female entrepreneurs I work with think they’re not ready for a retreat. 

But you ARE ready.

In fact, the BEST time to do a live event is when you’re looking to get more clients and help more people with your message and gifts....

Because what I’ve discovered is that creating, planning, and filling a retreat can be the secret to growing your biz fast!

Growth that looks like 6-figures in your pocket in the space of a weekend...

5-10 NEW clients signed up to the high-ticket programs you offered at your retreat...

And human-to-human connection with your attendees beyond what you've experienced before. 

All of this wrapped up into a powerful, transformational… and FUN experience!

Want to know the best part?

You can do it all right from your gorgeous home…

Or a luxurious hotel, by the beach, or from your dream destination. 

(Fiji, anyone?) 

And you don’t need to sell 100s of tickets to make it happen! 
With 30, 20, or even just 10 attendees—you can create a massively successful and profitable retreat.

Sounds dreamy, right?! 

And don't just take my word for it either...
There Are 5 Reasons Why 2019 Is Your Year To Do A VIP Retreat...
...I discovered after undertaking some research of my own:
Reason #1: Your Prospects And Clients WANT In-Person Events
In fact, “Over 80% of executives believe live events now play a critical role in their organization's success,” Bizzabo reports. 

Did you know Apple announces their latest products with a live launch? And Facebook, YouTube, and Spotify are experimenting with live events too?!

In a world saturated with digital, impersonal screens—the chance to connect in person is an “unparalleled opportunity to acquire new customers and solidify relationships” (according to Entrepreneur magazine).
Reason #2: The Coaching And Consulting Worlds Are Only Just Getting The Memo On Live Events 
Think about the top 10 competitors in your space...

Most of them are likely sitting around thinking they aren’t “ready” for a live event, right? 

Don’t be like them, darl. Be like Apple ;-)
Reason #3: During A Retreat You Can Transform The Financial Aspect Of Your Business 
Not just with the profit from your event tickets...

In-person sales have a 20% higher close rate, according to Statista!

So, don’t be surprised if you add an extra $10k–50k to your income by selling your mastermind or program at the retreat. 

Talk about an impressive ROI, right?
Reason #4: Live Retreats Create An Emotional Connection For Guests...
...And that relationship becomes easy to nurture—more than any digital advertising (including email marketing).

74% of event attendees report a more positive opinion about a brand, according to Event Marketing Research.

YOU can get even more customers AFTER the event ends without spending additional funds. 

Here’s some more mind-blowing research—you have only 8 seconds to capture someone’s attention online (4 on mobile—that’s less than a goldfish!). 

BUT offline, you have a significantly greater amount of time to capture attention than you do online!
Reason #5: You Can Host Your Retreat In Your Home, Or A Beautiful Destination Of Your Choice
Forbes reports, “3 in 4…[would] choose to spend money on a desirable experience over buying something desirable. The trend is shifting from material goods to memorable experiences.”

AND if I still haven’t made up your mind why you have to do a retreat RIGHT NOW...

Retreats can also be the holiday you might not otherwise take! 

Meaning, schedule your event in the beginning and tag on a few days at the end for a holiday. 

Making it a tax-deductible trip. 

You get to grow your business in a short amount of time AND get that much-needed rest and quality time with your hubby or girlfriends. 

Dreamy, right!? 
It’s a pretty perfect way to do business. 

Again, I say, Fiji anyone? ;-)

Bottom line—going offline with your business positions you as a leader in your niche and creates faster connection and trust with your prospects. 

And if you go about launching your VIP Event in the right way... 
This Translates to More Income and Deeper Impact
Let me explain...

If you take massive, imperfect action with my team and me during our 3 days together at my home in the Adelaide Hills…

You’ll learn the exact steps and system I used to generate $500,000 in the past 12 months from VIP retreats. 

Gorgeous, human-to-human weekends connecting with women in my home in Australia, LA, and Redondo Beach, just to name a few.  

I’ll show you exactly how to plan the content, market and fill it with hot prospects, create a successful event budget, and will tell you which bonuses to include. 

By the time you leave, you’ll have absolutely everything you need to sell and fill your VIP Event!

And you’ll also learn where I went wrong when I first started out, which is crucial for YOUR immediate success...

Because my very first retreat was not so successful.

In fact, I've never shared this story before, but I think you need to know it...

Because like I said, there's a right way to launch your VIP Event... 

But without a clear blueprint or the right support...
There's A Wrong Way To Launch Your VIP Event
Let’s call me “Before Grace” here.

Because I wanted to create the most incredible experience for every person and I knew I could help them…

I figured if I worked really hard to present my best content in a luxurious location, female entrepreneurs would just show up.

But I struggled to fill up my event. 

Not to mention I spent too much money creating and planning the retreat.

I didn’t know my exact target market and how to get them motivated and excited to spend a weekend with me. 

And the ladies that did show up?

Even though my heart was in the right place—Before Grace ended up providing way too much content for them.

This left guests not knowing where to take action because I didn’t have an absolute, exact plan for the weekend. 

They felt overwhelmed instead of equipped and empowered.  

One of my guests actually approached me in the MIDDLE of a session to tell me how overwhelmed she was...

In front of EVERYONE.


I tell you this because I learned something powerful that day and was able to flip the switch FAST…

Clearly seeing where I went wrong and what I needed to do better.

I learned...
The Four Key Elements To VIP Events
  •  An exact moment-they-arrive-to-moment-they-leave structure for the event that feels motivating for them and less stressful for me…
  •  A system for combining content with action in bite-size chunks so attendees walk away with momentum and real results…
  •  A smart event budget that still provides a luxurious experience...
  •  And knowledge of how to create a powerful, transformative experience for my guests.
The result?

Delivering content-rich, perfectly executed retreats that help women transform their businesses and lifestyles. 

Long story short, “Before Grace” transformed into “After Grace”.

And by creating a simple system, I was able to rock my retreats and help hundreds of female entrepreneurs in the process.

Take Erica, who made over 27K in sales after attending the Course Creation Retreat…
Meet one of my gorgeous girlies, Lucy, who was blown away by how much “clarity and confidence she gained”.
Or one of my favorite Doers, Rebeka, who said this about spending a weekend with me:

“Grace was able to clearly take me through the process in a weekend...do this...then this...then this…and within 3 weeks we sold $40,000!”

And Heera who, after attending our Book Retreat, left feeling “SO energized...Grace and her awesome team shared so much knowledge...and welcomed us with warm hospitality from the heart”.

Your retreat can have the same impact and results for YOUR guests.

You don’t ever have to be like “Before Grace”.

You can now start off hosting your very own VIP Retreats as “After Grace” instead ;-)
But Let Me Be Clear About Who This Retreat Is For...
I’m not suggesting that everyone (or anyone for that matter)... who attends this private retreat is going to have these kinds of rave reviews and results from their retreat.

Unfortunately, it’s also likely that many who attend this 3-day event will do little or nothing.

Even with all the information, systems, insights, and support that my team and I will give them.

(Especially if they don’t follow the directions and take massive imperfect action.)

As a business owner, your ultimate success will ALWAYS be your responsibility.

Disclaimer: I am not running this event for these types of people... you know who I am talking about... the whiners, the complainers, the excuse makers, the get-rich-quick chasers.
This Is For Serious Doers Only 
A woman like you who will take action and make the most out of our 3 days together!

So, if you are interested in creating and filling your VIP Retreat…

Allowing you to make a bigger impact and income with your message in a short amount of time...

While getting to hang out at your home or visit your favorite locations in the world…

…and are wanting to find out more about what our 3 days together will look like at my home…

And promise yourself that you won’t be one of those attendees I just mentioned…

Then it’s time to discuss...
Exactly What You’ll Experience At This Exclusive Retreat
This intimate event will be very different from anything else I’ve offered.
Well, for starters, it’s a bit like the movie Inception, don’t you think?
A retreat about creating your own retreat. 
But I promise everything you’re going to learn will be no dream ;-)
You will be coming to my home in the beautiful Adelaide Hills.
You will be spending quality time with my team and me for 3 FULL days together.
We will be showing you everything you need to know to successfully build, launch, and fill up your own VIP Retreat…
And you will understand everything we did right AND, as I’ve already revealed a bit of, everything we also did wrong to ADD an additional $500,000 to our business through retreats in the past year!
This weekend will also involve plenty of implementation and “doing time” so you can make progress a LOT faster while you have my team and me to support you. 
And there will also be a few goodies crucial to a successful VIP Retreat that we’ll do for you.  
More on that in just a second :-)
During our 3 days together, you will also be getting access to ALL of my VIP Retreat creation templates to help your live event come together with total clarity and confidence:
  •   Sales Letter Template 
  •  Retreat Launch Funnel Template 
  •  Automated Emails 
  •  Swipe Files and Scripts 
  •  Pricing Strategy
  •  Attendee Onboarding Nurtures 
  •  Live Event Content Production Schedule 
  •  Name Tag Template  
  •  Table Card Template  
  •  Program Template 
  •  Facebook Group Management for Live Events
  •  Slide Pack for Keynote Presentation
  •  Customer Success Blueprint 
  •  and MUCH more! :-)
So you won't be leaving empty handed! 

So that's what you'll GET - but what will we be DOING over these 3 game-changing days together?! 

Let's Break Down These 3 Days Of Doing
This retreat was created specifically for coaches, consultants, and service entrepreneurs who are ready to create a bigger impact and income with their own VIP Retreat.
With the personal attention from my team PLUS the bonuses I decided to include (stay tuned).

All you really need to do is show up ready to absorb it all and ready for some serious doing.
This will be an intimate event with only 20 female entrepreneurs attending.
I have set this firm limit to make sure everyone gets personalised attention. 
And the 3 days will be structured to make sure you get everything you need. 
Day 1: Budgeting Like A Boss
We work a bit backward around here ;-)
Here’s what I mean…
We start with your outcome. 
What you want your attendees to walk away with—specific, tangible results. 
(I’ll give you the template for figuring this out FAST.)
Once you’ve mastered this foundation, it makes your attendees’ experience better and your life less stressful. 
Oh… and not to mention, your marketing effortless. 
Next up is pricing
Using your desired outcomes, we’ll decide your inclusions so you know exactly how much to charge for a ticket based on your niche.
Plus, bonuses that will easily make it a no-brainer for them to say, “Yes, sign me up!”
Then, we do my favorite part…
Decide your perfect venue :-)
You can host this right in your home. 
Because remember: you don’t need hundreds of people buying tickets. 
With just 30, 20, or even 10 people—you can create a massively successful and profitable retreat.
You can also go to Hawaii or Mexico, Aspen, an Airbnb, or a hotel...

And because we get super clear on your budget, you’ll know how much it all costs so we can decide what works best for you! 
You get my entire pricing layout (I’ve never revealed this before) so you know what you should be paying and how to immediately spot a scam. 
(I got ripped off a lot in the beginning, and I don’t want that for you!)
We’ll also cover the easy-to-forget-about details…
Things like timing, transports, break times, and all the little bits that make the overall experience absolutely seamless and effortless!
Day 2: Creating An Unforgettable Experience
Or what I like to call…
“How to structure an event so no one’s crying by the second day!”
Here’s what I mean…
We’re going to fully create and plan your content
Breaking it down into clear, benefit-rich sessions packed with incredible “a-ha” moments and takeaways…
...without having a single part feel rushed, overwhelmed, or overcomplicated. 
And balancing it with the FUN stuff...
Specific, curated “down time” to create even deeper interaction and connection with your guests, turning them into your raving FANS even faster!
And you’ll learn this crucial secret to an unforgettable experience:
Featuring other experts with different genius zones only adds more value to your retreat…
But only if you choose the right experts.
Lots of entrepreneurs plan a retreat solo with no other influencers at their retreat.
Not you!
Uncover who your experts need to be and exactly where to slot them into your event.
Day 3: Setting The Stage For More Connection And Profit (Without Selling)
The last thing you want to do is make your retreat feel like one giant, salesy infomercial. 
That’s not your style ;-)
Retreats can be the #1 venue to offer your mastermind or coaching if you know when and how to do it…
Most people go wrong thinking that, inevitably, they have to sell at some point. 
Not true. 
It’s actually about sharing instead of selling
How to make your program or offer the natural next step—something they will already be excited to know and learn about after following all the steps I’ve laid out for you. 
Making it easy to enrol 5–10 high-ticket clients using my system.
You Also Get Access To My Entire Team To Help You Put Your VIP Retreat Together
Here is a quick rundown of my team and HOW they will be helping you get the most out of our time together:
  •  Adam (my strategy guy and hubby) will be there to help you refine your retreat marketing strategy and determine the best way to fill your spots with ideal, hot prospects!
  •  Emma (my event manager) will be your go-to for creating a seamless, stress-free, and massively successful event—NO TECHY BRAIN required!!
  •  Alisa (my automation genius) will help you get your Consult Scheduling Calendar Automation and Consult Reminder Funnel set up and integrated—in an easy way. (You’ll need this to be able to sell your seats—however many you’d like!)
  •  Laura (my Product guru) will be there to help you visualise and plan your campaign, and get your head around your offer. 
  •  Beth (my copywriter) will help you get clear with your message, advising you how to sound like yourself, attract your perfect prospects, and get them excited about connecting with you. 
  •  Rachael (my funnel-builder) will help you build out your seamless funnels so they're absolutely irresistible to your market!
  •  Patsy (my mindset coach) will help you overcome any roadblocks that are holding you back in creating your VIP event! 
And then there’s Andre…

Who’s Andre? Well, stay tuned and I’ll tell you. 

But first, let me tell you about…
These 4 Extra Bonuses I'm Giving You To Create A Seamless Behind-The-Scenes Experience
How to create, plan, and fill your VIP Retreat in a way that’s benefit-driven, profitable, and fun...
...is the most important part of the process.
But none of this is possible if you’re overwhelmed or worried about the behind-the-scenes stuff. 
Getting these steps right directly impacts the success of your entire event!
So, as we’ve designed the whole weekend as a Done-With-You experience, there are actually some Done-For-You Bonuses!
Bonus #1: Done-For-You Welcome Package 
Your name tags, table cards, and program template will be designed while you attend the retreat with me!
Meaning, all you have to do is tweak them a bit when you arrive home and basically send to the printer or easily outsource.
Saving you hundreds (if not thousands) in design costs!
Bonus #2: Authentic, Gorgeous Headshots
This is where Andre comes in :-)
He’s my celebrity headshot photographer who will be taking brilliant headshots of you to help brand and promote your savvy and smart VIP Retreat!

How fun is that?!
Bonus #3: My Very Sales Letter Template
Just copy, paste, and tweak to fill your own retreat FAST!
Plus...this template is the key to selling, really, anything for the rest of your career—and it’s used by the top digital marketing experts in the world.
This one component might just become the most powerful sales tool you use in your business!
Bonus #4: Exclusive Live Event Tool Kit
This is the tried and tested tool kit I use to run every single one of my retreats—including the one you’ll be attending :-)

(I’ve never, ever shared it before.) 

Every possible step, cost, sequence, and plan is inside. 
Clearly see my exact budget so you know where to spend and where to save.
This live event “bible” will have guests rock up to your event excited and nearly SOLD on how they can work with you further because of how professional and welcoming your event will be…
All these bonuses are included in your ticket! 
I decided to add in all of these extra goodies and get some of the design elements out of the way so that by the end of the retreat…
You can walk away with complete confidence that you have everything you need to make your very own VIP Retreat very real and fill it up with motivated, excited attendees...
While avoiding trial and error and any second-guessing of yourself.
(I told you - no “Before Grace” for you)
All bases covered :-)

My team and I will stucture, source, and budget every single step with you. 
 In case you need even more detail...

Here’s Just A Fraction Of What We'll Be Covering At This Retreat:
  •  How to turn your Genius Zone into a highly profitable and impactful VIP Retreat in just 3 days. (And make your retreat an ROI machine!)
  •  Get the exact blueprint, steps, and support to create an engaging, content-rich, luxurious live event (without spending big bucks).
  •  The “massive misconception” in the industry that’s causing female entrepreneurs to think they’re not ready to plan and fill a retreat (hint: you don’t need massive followers or success stories to fill a room!).
  •  My VIP Retreat pricing strategy to make it a no-brainer for your ideal attendees to say, “YES! Sign me up!” 
  •  The truth about retreats and the #1 place where entrepreneurs overcomplicate it when creating their marketing. 
  •  How to fill up your VIP Retreat with loyal, raving guests even if you don’t have a following or database—you only need 30, 20, or even 10 guests!
  •  Creating the right bonuses and inclusions that make attracting hot prospects a no-brainer! 
  •  My EXACT copy-and-paste Infusionsoft campaigns to get your VIP Retreat promo and onboarding materials automated—get it done with zero confusion or trial and error.
     Swipe and deploy my VIP Retreat Production Schedule that shows you how to design and structure content, connection, and all the FUN elements.
  •   Know how much content to deliver at the event so your clients get the best results and you don’t get drained.
  •  Design your name tags, table cards, and program with me—by the end of our 3 days together...basically done and ready to send to the printer! (Saving you thousands!)
  •  Access to my celebrity headshot photographer to create the perfect brand photos to market your event!
  •  My exact system for becoming an engaging and confident presenter so you look and sound great while giving your attendees endless a-ha moments!
  •  The Smart & Savvy Onboarding Process that shows your attendees why rocking up to your retreat will be one of the best decisions they ever make.
  •  The Customer Success Systems you need to have in place in order to help the raving prospects ready to be clients before the retreat is even over!
  •  The simple 3-Step Satisfaction Strategy to generate a flood of testimonials for your VIP Retreat.
  •  My super sexy tricks to creating a FOMO-worthy experience to practically sell out your next retreat before the first one even ends!
  •  Learn the better approach no one is teaching that will help you generate even more revenue by successfully sharing your mastermind or coaching programs at the retreat.
  •  My powerful copy, paste, repeat formula you can use to seed in your high-end coaching services throughout your content so attendees are begging to hear more. 
  •  The positioning needed to command $10k–$50k high-ticket packages at your VIP Retreat (even if you don’t have a relationship before the event)!
  •  Use your retreat as the Ultimate Focus Group to find out what your target client responds to—effortlessly plan for future events, products, and services. (This is GOLD!)
  •  The 4 ways to use your VIP Retreat to instantly raise your celebrity status and authority in your industry.
  •  How to leverage your new VIP Retreat to command higher consulting fees and land speaking gigs.
  •  Bottom Line—have the opportunity to impact more people, connect more deeply, and add an extra 6 figures to your bank account in a short amount of time with your own VIP Retreat!
After your time with me and my team, there shouldn’t be anything left to do except launch your retreat promotion and watch it fill up FAST!

So, there you have it...

At this point I'm sure you've realised:
This Could Be The Thing Your Business Needs In 2019
Maybe you’ve already tried to create and fill up a retreat before and had to cancel because no one signed up... 
And you’re interested in doing it right and taking the next step in creating a successful and profitable retreat… by securing one of the 20 places I am making available at this event.
But with that being said, there is ONE thing to keep in mind:
These Tickets Will Sell Fast
This event will only be open for a short time, and I have not decided at this stage if I’m running it again in the future.
There are only 20 spots available (firm).
You are seeing this personal message because you are part of my Doers Inner Circle.
Because of that, you are getting the first opportunity to secure your place…
Before I open this up to my wider database of over 300,000 emails.
Once I do that, this event WILL sell out fast!
Especially with the high demand for offline, human-to-human experiences. 

Oh - I almost forgot that during our time together...
You'll Also Have Access To Other Special "Lifestyle Goodies"
“Lifestyle Goodies”, you ask?
Fancy talk for…
The Fun Stuff!
Outside of learning and doing on your new VIP Retreat…
I have set time aside for you to relax and network with the other 20 Doers from all over the world…
While enjoying the gorgeous Adelaide Hills and my hometown of Aldgate.
I will be hosting and including welcome drinks on Thursday evening and an intimate dinner on the Saturday evening at one of my favourite local restaurants…
As well as taking care of your morning tea, lunch, and afternoon tea on each of the three days.
All of your transport to and from your accommodation to the event each day will be included, too…
…so you can focus 100% on your successful and profitable VIP Retreat creation and what you will be learning and “doing” each day.

As if this wasn't a total no-brainer already, I'm also including...
My Biggest Guarantee Yet
In creating this retreat, I thought for quite a while...
How could I make this an absolute “no-brainer” for you to join me for 3 days and take away all your risk?
So to make sure I have done that, I 100% guarantee…
That you will absolutely LOVE the event and receive huge value from the training…
As well as the done-with-you nature of the entire experience.
If for whatever reason you don’t…
I’ll refund you your entire ticket PLUS gift you with an extra $500 travel credit as long as you let me know in person before the start of the second day of training.
All I ask is that you have completed the pre-event prep that we send to you before attending.
Sound fair?
This way you have zero to lose and only a better business and lifestyle to gain. 

At this point, I'm guessing this is the biggest question you've got for me...
What Is My Investment To Attend The Retreat?
I am not going to sugarcoat things and say it is going to be affordable for everyone.
It isn’t…
But if you have read to this point, chances are you know yourself that this event is what you have been waiting for…
…and what your business needs right now.
The investment to attend this event will be just under $5k USD… and with such a high-value event and so few seats, this will sell out fast.
After all, I’m showing you the exact system I used to create and fill up my retreats and brought in an extra $500,000 into my business...
AND, I’ll be bringing in my world-class team members to start designing and filling up YOUR VIP Retreat so you can get results FAST!
But let’s say you don’t even come close to what I’ve done…
Maybe only the tiniest bit.
Using the system, the strategies, the templates, the sequences, the scripts, and more included in this retreat,
If you land only ONE new high-ticket client at your retreat for just $5,000, you’d MORE than make your money back!
(I’m not even counting the massive profits you’ll likely make from your event tickets alone!) 
And because you’ll be learning this ALL from me, it will be practically effortless for you to FILL your retreat AND get more high-ticket clients.
Which could potentially make you an extra 6 figures from just one retreat!
PLUS…if you want to claim a tax-deductible work trip, this is an opportunity to do business in one of the most beautiful wine regions of Australia!
So, let’s keep going!
I put together this page here that explains everything else:
  •  The dates
  •  The times
  •  ... and Your Investment
This Is Truly A Limited Offer
So, if you are serious about joining me, claim your seat now before they’re all gone.

People always email me after the doors close, asking if they can still get in…

This is my official way of letting you know the countdown is on ;-)
For Those Of You Who Have Read This Far...
If you’ve got to this point in this letter and are still sitting on the fence…

That is okay :-)

But I don’t want you to only take my word for it that this retreat is amazing value…

Check out what some of my students have to say about past retreats:
Thank you for taking the time to read this and see how transformative this could be for your business this year!
I look forward to seeing you at my home in June!

P.S. In case you’re one of my Doers Inner Circle members (someone like me) who jumps straight to the bottom…
Here’s the super quick “what you can expect…”
I’m going to be hosting a 3-Day “Create and Fill Up Your VIP Retreat” Retreat for 20 Doers at my home in Adelaide.
During our 3 days together, you will learn how to create, launch, and fill your own VIP Retreat to generate massive impact and income with the help of my team and me.
This event will give you the confidence, certainty, and road map to host your retreat whether you have a following—or not!
It’s also the FIRST time I’ll share my exact blueprint, system, steps, scripts, event logistics, and schedule!
In the past 12 months, this exact VIP Retreat creation system has generated over $500,000 into my business…
...while impacting the businesses and lives of hundreds of doers like yourself.
Along with learning everything you need to know about creating and filling up your VIP Retreat…this weekend will also involve implementation so you can make progress a LOT faster. 
(Because I know you’re a serious Doer!)
AND my team will be there to support you every step of the way as we create YOUR VIP Retreat!!
During our 3 days together, you will also be getting unrestricted access to all the following that we already created (so you don’t have to!):
- Sales Letter Template 
- Budgeting Templates
- Retreat Launch Funnel Template 
- Automated Emails 
- Swipe Files and Scripts 
- Pricing Strategy 
- Attendee Onboarding Nurtures 
-Live Event Content Production Schedule 
- Name Tag Template  
- Table Card Template  
- Program Template 
- Facebook Group Management for Live Events
- Slide Pack for Your Keynote Presentation
- Customer Success Blueprint 
- and MUCH more! :-)

This event will only be open for a short time, and there are only 20 spots available (firm).
You are seeing this personal message because you are part of my Doers Inner Circle.
Because of that, you are getting the first opportunity to secure your place…
Before I open this up to my database of over 300,000 emails.
That means this event WILL sell out fast!
I have also thought long and hard about how I could make this an absolute “no-brainer” for you to join me for 3 days and take away all of the risk for you…
So, to make this an easy decision to join my team and me…
I 100% guarantee that you will absolutely LOVE the event, the training, and the done-with-you experience.
But if, for whatever reason, you don’t…
I’ll refund you the entire cost of your ticket and credit you a $500 travel voucher.
All I ask is that you have completed the pre-event prep that we send to you before attending.
I am not going to sugarcoat things and say it is going to be affordable for everyone.
It isn’t…
Are you still reading all the way down here, Lovely?
Well then, there’s a major chance you know this event is what you have been waiting for.
The investment to attend this event will be just under $5k USD… and because I want to make sure you are watched after and get the personal attention I feel you’ll need, I’m limiting it to just 20 Doers!
(And as of sending you this letter almost half the spots are already filled!)
And it’s just soo, soo clear why:
It’s practically a bargain when you consider the ROI of what you can achieve!
But let’s say you don’t even come close to what I’ve done…
Maybe you do just the tiniest bit. 
Using the system, the strategies, the templates, the sequences, the scripts, and more included in this retreat,
If you land only ONE new high-ticket client at your retreat for $5,000, you’d MORE than make your money back!
(I’m not even counting the massive profits you’ll likely make from your event tickets alone!) 
And because you’ll be learning this ALL from me, it will be practically effortless for you to FILL your retreat AND get more high-ticket clients.
Which could potentially make you 6 figures from just one retreat!
PLUS…if you want to claim a tax-deductible work trip, this is an opportunity to do business in one of the most beautiful wine regions of Australia!
I put together this page over here that explains everything else, including:
And your investment.
DISCLAIMER: It’s important to know my results are not typical nor is my experience. I am not implying you will duplicate them (or actually do anything for that matter). I have the benefit of having run my own marketing and automation agency.The average person who buys any “how to” information generally does very little with it and because of this inaction gets little to no results. Business also entails risk and nothing is guaranteed. If you are not willing to accept that then PLEASE DO NOT GET THIS PROGRAM EITHER. If you are looking for a guaranteed “silver bullet” then this event is also not for you.