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The Doer's Guide To Automation
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New Book by 8-figure Female Entrepreneur, Grace Lever, reveals The Doer's Guide to Automation for busy coaches and consultants
$9.95 USD
$37 USD
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Here’s a fraction of what you’ll learn…
  • How to save an extra 8 hours a week by locating and destroying the hidden “time-suckers” in your business, even if you think you are completely maxed out. Page 77
  • You need more systems to save more time, right? Wrong! Discover the simple automation systems I use to run a multi 7-figure global coaching and consulting business for less than $500 a month. Page 83
  • Where to find the hidden time-savers in your business sitting right in front of you so you can get your hands off the keyboard a lot faster. Page 47.
  • How to eliminate Entrepreneurial Groundhog Day (EGD) forever. Page 57
  • Eliminate the Calendar Chaos by recognising the 2 mistakes most female entrepreneurs make when scheduling a consult call. Page 47
  • The Testimonial Tap strategy to get video testimonials from your hottest clients automatically. Page 71
  • The 3 automated emails all the gurus recommend, that you need to avoid at all costs. Page 39
  • Why most “automation” systems don’t actually save you time and how to avoid this trap. Page 45
  • Say goodbye to consult calls that never show up. See a better way to schedule, confirm & convert your consult calls. Page 56
  • The truth about why most female entrepreneurs don’t want to commit to automating their business. Page 17
  • The truth about passive income, why it doesn’t exist and the closest next best option for coaches, consultants and professional service business. Page 36
  • What to do if you are about to crack or are feeling massively overwhelmed. Page 11
  • The Doer's Toolkit for Automation with my shortlist of the actual tools I use, saving you countless research hours and the headache of using the wrong system. Page 81
  • What to do if you simply have no time to focus on automation in your business. Learn how to break this cycle by "Creating Time" in an already manic schedule. Page 85
  • Discover the juicy steps to getting paid into your bank account 24/7 and say "goodbye" to manual payment processing. Page 43
  • Did you know that 97% of your prospects aren't ready to buy today? Learn how I love them up with my automated choose-your-own-adventure email nurtures. Page 39
  • Take the Automation Audit to discover where the quickest, simplest wins lie in your business RIGHT NOW to prioritise your automation. Page 29
  • How I take computer-free holidays for weeks at a time without my community having any idea I'm gone (and ensure I make the same money while I'm on vacay!) Page 23
  • Can you really get automated in the next 21 days? Even if you have no experience with tech and run a manual business? Find out on Page 95
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