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The Automation Project 
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The Automation Project is a never before seen, step-by-step training with 6 incredible modules, showing you how you can streamline and fast-track your business' automation... 

So you can reclaim entire days back in your week sooner to spend doing whatever you choose. Designed with non-techy and time-poor women in mind! 
$1,997 USD
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Here's What You'll Get:
  • Automation 101 -​Uncover all the big (and small) areas of your life you can automate in the next 30 days... so you can reclaim up to an entire day of time in Week One! 
  • Unpack the core four areas of your business that are starving for automation...​so you're clear on exactly what you're automating and when! 
  • My Ultimate Automation Toolkit... Discover my cheap and simple tech tools I use to automate in minutes... So you can know with confidence which ones are right for YOU. 
  • Tired of play phone tag with clients? Discover my calendar scheduling app that has prospects automatically booking into your calendar (and showing up) without you even speaking to them! 
  • See my little-known marketing automation hacks that instantly boost sales by at least 10% everytime they're used... best part? They only take minutes to set up and require no maintainance! 
  • How to accept sales every day of the week, no matter what time it is with my automated payment processes... so you never leave money your clients want to give you on the table.  
  • Learn how to love-up your email subscribers the second they jump on your list, without you having to lift a finger... so you can create a dreamy relationship with them and have them begging to buy from you! 
  • From Purchase to Program - I Show You How to Automate Your Entire On-Board & Program Delivery So Your Students Consistently Hit it Out Of the Park (and send you tons of referrals because of it!)…
  • Buyers remorse is real! Here’s a little known app i use to drastically reduce refund rates (this is one of my secrets to getting my refund rates below 1% where most everyone else in the industry is at 5% and higher!)…
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