My 3 Automation Hacks to Save You 1 Day a Week
(For Busy Coaches & Consultants)
These 3 Automation Hacks immediately saved me 8 hours a week once implemented, and are done-for-you so that you can simply copy, paste and tweak for instant automation too!
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"So in under 2 weeks I have generated 120 leads for my ebook, signed 6 people up to my 6-figure System (higher end program), signed more people up to my low end program, mindset coaching and VIP days...

This has all been whilst only working a few hours a day most days (some half days).  Whilst travelling around Europe...Loving my mindset and action taking and just love my business and life.  So happy! :-) 

Ellie Burscough, Fellow Doer 
In this free Automation Guide, I'll show you:
You'll discover the three biggest time drainers for busy coaches, consultants and professional services and what I do to eliminate these from my you can too!
Add more "life" into your lifestyle by stepping away from the computer and become a truly lifestyle-focused entrepreneur (without taking a hit on income)
Learn how to use smart automation to effectively clone yourself and stop being the only one who does everything in your business.  You'll remove human error and forgetfulness from your day-to-day
The simple strategy to ensure your automation creates a more exceptional customer experience than you could as an everyday, flawed human ;-)
and more...
$3.3m revenue in 2nd year of new business
218,410 new email subscribers
Hi, I'm Grace Lever - an award-winning 8-figure female entrepreneur, and I help coaches, consultants and professional service business owners grow their business using smart, automated marketing systems.
The 3 Automation Hacks has been responsible for allowing business owners to work more efficiently, generating tens of millions of dollars in revenue and achieving hundreds of lifestyle dreams.

Without it, you will waste your time stuck in Entrepreneurial Groundhog Day and struggling to find time to do the things that really matter in your business.

With it, you can eliminate 8 hours of work from your schedule each week and focus that time on business building or enjoying more of the "good life" instead!  

Happy "doing" 

My Goals were to automate my business so I could focus on providing the services and reducing office time! I’m happy to say, I just got my first sale WITHOUT even talking or emailing them! Done through the nurture email series! 

Cat Smiley

Nothing to be nervous about! Grace and the team walk you through basically everything you need to know and the resources, tech, and the tools they provide are top notch and extremely high value. You're going to love it!

Erica Powell

Grace, your training is mind glowingly thorough, has IMMENSE value, and is exactly, yes, exactly what I have been searching for all these years! Thank you! I am truely humbled and full of true inspiration and excitement!

Jenny Sung
Automating a day out of your week is only a click away... 
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