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Learning about growing your coaching, consulting or professional services business is one thing... 
Walking alongside Grace as you grow your business with her proven techniques that she has applied in her own 8-figure business...Well, that is quite another
Who is the Doers Inner Circle for?
Thought Leaders
Personal Brands
Professional Services
So, What Exactly Is Included In The Doers Inner Circle?
Monthly Doing Kit
You'll get a Monthly Doing Kit delivered to your door.  I'll walk the behind-the-scenes with me as I show you the most successful profit-generating activity I've applied to my business in the last 30 days...so you can do the same :-)

Enjoy stepping away from the computer with your Doing Kit and going "old-school" with Grace's planning and implementation guides (and a coffee or glass of wine!)
Multiple Weekends Away
You'll receive free tickets to multiple Doers Inner Circle Weekends Away.  These incredible, inspiring and action-focused weekends will leave you refreshed and buzzing, excited for your adventure that lies ahead…

They’ll also give you practical, powerful steps and strategies that you will start working on with us in the room to help you automate your business, increase your enquiries and brand awareness, grow an affordable and profitable team to support you, and basically just become a girl boss!
Live Coaching Calls
You'll have access to our twice monthly members-only "Live Coaching Calls" where you have access to Grace and her team of marketing experts to answer any strategic or technical questions you may have. 

Enjoy the security and support of having Grace in your corner LIVE twice every month for advice, support, trouble-shooting and HOT tips...there truly is nothing holding you back from building your very own successful lifestyle-friendly business!
Access To Over $20,000 of Grace's Courses
Each month, as an Inner Circle Member, you're able to access a course of Grace's complimentary for as long as you're a member!  This includes the Genius Project, Facebook Project, Workshop Project, Automation Project and more....

With a library of courses valued at over $20,000 USD, you'll have all the training and tools you need at your fingertips around the clock.
Private Facebook Group
The Doers Inner Circle Facebook Group is an exclusive private group for those participating in the Doers Inner Circle Program. This is the perfect place to discuss your progress in the monthly projects, and to celebrate the wins!

You'll make life-long friends and be able to be cheered on in your walk as a female entrepreneur :-)
Don't Go It Alone
Too many female entrepreneurs embark on this journey alone, trying to sift through hundreds of strategies and build their businesses on their own. 

As a result of all this trial and error, they end up running out of time, money, passion or faith in themselves.

After seeing this happen to too many women, Grace decided to create an opportunity to learn directly from her most successful strategies every month with an personal, done-with-you, fast-tracked 'doing' experience...

All to give you the most profitable, supportive and powerful 2020. 
This isn't just another online course...

 This is a high-end mastermind for serious Doers.
Exclusively for Serious Doers Only
  • ​Coaches, consultants and professional service businesses who need a proven business growth and client-getting system FAST...
  • ​If you've watched my business from afar and would like to create a business like mine in your niche and industry, then you need to be a part of the Doers Inner Circle...
  • ​For female entrepreneurs who are sick of the talking, dreaming and distractions and want to knuckle down and just get 'doing' to make 2020 their best year yet. 
Testimonials From The Doers Inner Circle... 
Stephanie Nielsen
Rebeka Morgan
Mel Deague
Ready to Start "Doing"?
Tired of the distractions in your business that put your business on hold? 

Ever wish that you could just have focus, direction and clarity so you can spend your time doing business building things rather than spinning your wheels?

Imagine an opportunity to watch over Grace's shoulder every single month and have her support, mentorship and guidance... 

No more doubt, no more confusion.. 

Just the exact steps you need to take from a female entrepreneur who's been there and practices what she preaches
Do I Qualify?
Here are the basic requirements if you'd like to register.. 
  • You need to have a legitimate business that can benefit from generating leads/new customers on the internet.
  • If you're a network marketer or not the legal owner of your brand, this is not the right group for you. 
  • You need to be willing to listen and respect our advice.
  • If you're the type of person who thinks you have a problem no one can solve, this won't be a good fit for you or Grace. You must be ready to take responsibility and hear the truth.
  •  Lastly, we have a strict "nice people only" policy.
  • If you've got attitude, ego, or feel entitled to whinge and complain about anything and everything, then this is not the right group for you. Life is too short to work with dreamers.
  • The Doers Inner Circle is a collective of female entrepreneurs who have cut the hoping, wishing, wanting and planning...and have embraced massive imperfect action and "doing"!
Are You Ready To Make 2020 Your Best Year Yet?
If you are a good fit for the Doers Inner Circle and your application is approved..

We have a 30 Day Cancellation Policy..absolutely no locked-in contracts!

No hard feelings, no questions asked.

Just email members@doersinnercircle.com with 30 days notice and we will cancel your membership for you. 

If you do decide to join The Doers Inner Circle, it will likely change your business and life forever. 
More Testimonials From The Doers Inner Circle... 

Kellie Caldwell

"I feel like I've won the lottery"

Welcome booklet… check. Success Foundations booklet… check. I feel like I’ve won the lottery, and I was able to celebrate some big wins just through the process of reading and doing the work.

I implemented many of these action items in the past few weeks! And, on the topic of resilient, my daughter just completed her 8th grade end of year Resilience Cafe Project… and the person she chose? Mom. I’ve got that mindset habit in the bag!

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