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Join The Doers Inner Circle For $197 USD...
And Get The Course Creation Project FREE!
Join The Doers Inner Circle For $197 USD
And Get The Course Creation Project FREE!
Receive support like no other from Grace's Inner Circle of like-minded, hard-working female entrepreneurs with coaching, consulting and professional service based businesses...

And get the Course Creation Project (valued at $1,997 USD) completely FREE. 

The Course Creation Project is a brand new, online step-by-step training program with six incredible modules, walking you through everything you need to know to turn your expertise into a high-ticket course in a matter of weeks (not months or years). 
$197 USD
$37 USD
The Doers Inner Circle is $197 USD per month.  Contract free, cancel at any time, no-questions asked! (Just give 30 days written notice and keep the Course Creation Project as my gift to you!)
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ONE TIME OFFER - Only $37: Want my 4 most successful video scripts that attract your perfect client over and over again? They're proven to work and easy to deploy for your business (even if you don't want to be on camera!) Click YES to add this to your order now for just $37. (This offer is not available at ANY other time or place)

Here's What You'll Get:
  • Access to Grace's Inner Circle of coaching, consulting and professional service based businesses... so you can receive support like no other from a community of like-minded, hard-working female entrepreneurs. 
  • Monthly Doing Kits delivered directly to your door, and LIVE Kit Calls twice a month... so you can have your business questions answered, and collaborate in real-time about how to apply the Monthly 7-Figure Doing Project. 
  • Exclusive access to the Inner Circle private Facebook group... so you can connect and collaborate with over 900 female entrepreneurs from around the world. 
  • Complimentary Golden Tickets to the Doers Weekends Away - a 2-day, private members-only event including incredible speakers and a heck of a lot of doing. Attend up to two of these events per year, on Grace! (Valued at $5,000 USD per event) 
  • Earlybird and exclusive access to new programs and retreats.
  • Access to the Course Creation Project (valued at $1,997) for FREE, with training including: 
  • Learn where to start with my Online Course 101 training - Get into the right headspace through myths and mindset coaching, and undergo competitor research using my favourite tools, so you can work out what your unique angle will be to your market. 
  • Online Courses 101 - Discover my favourite competitor research tools, pricing and refund models, and myths and mindset training... So you know how to get started with your own online course journey. 
  • Your Course Roadmap - How to create a valuable high ticket course offer you can sell in a matter of days using my A-Z Formula that tells you exactly what modules and content to create... So you can get your coures out of your head, and start gettting paid for it sooner rather than later. 
  • Fast-track your content creation by knowing which video delivery styles to use and when, and how to plan out your production schedule... so you can escape the overwhelm, and streamline your course creation like a total pro. 
  • Discover how to use my little-known high-ticket selling technique... so you can get your customers to subconsciously commit to completing each lesson.
  • Building your portal - step-by-step how to set up the tech side of your course creation, from the design elements, to video editing, to the onboarding process... so you can be totally fear-free and confident with tech. Uncover my 7 simple tools... so you can make setting your course up and running (and selling) a total breeze. 
  • Creating your irresistible offer that your market can't say "no" to, by packaging it up in these free promotional strategies. Discover my profit-raising upsells, downsells, and course inclusions... so you can double your cart value without doubling your clients. 
  • Fill your course with FREE traffic strategies - Don't pay a cent to fill your course with students, but instead harness the powr of email marketing and Facebook... so you can fill your course with committed, excited students who already know, like, and trust you. 
  • Bonus #1: The Ultimate Offer Template (Valued at $297) Use this template to package your course into addictive offers, so you can get prospects eagerly saying 'yes' spending multiple-thousands of dollars for your content. Make your course stand out as 'the one', even in a saturated market. 
  • Bonus #2: Sales Consult Cure Script (Valued at $497) This script has been responsible for millions (and millions) of dollars in over-the-phone sales. Use this step-by-step script to show you how to sell without the sleaze so you can overcome client objectives, and present your high-ticket course offer in a way prospects can't wait to jump into. 
  • Bonus #3: Online Membership Portal Digital-File Bonus (Valued at $997) Using my exact portal template on Wordpress, I'll show you how you can tweak and edit it with your own course content, so you can totally skip the tech-fear and start filling your online course with life-changing content fast. All you have to do is hand this over to a developer (or techy friend), and it'll be live before you know it!

"For anyone sitting on the fence about joining, I can honestly say DO IT!!! 

I'm a member of this awesome community and all I can say is WOW, it changes how you approach every single component of your business...

I've gone from having my business control my life to implementing strategies and systems that allow me to step back a bit and enjoy my hard work...

My children and husband are just as grateful, because you have given them a mum and wife back.

And I'm making more profit - win win!!!

Stacey Fulton

"I want to take a moment to Thank The Universe for putting Grace Lever in my FB Feed just two weeks ago.

Grace, your training is mind blowing thorough, has IMMENSE Value, and is EXACTLY what I have been searching for all these years.

The exact steps I've needed and is the first program I AM DOING Everything as you say to in the videos.  

I ❤️ this.

Thank You!  

I am truly humbled and full of true inspiration and excitement!!"

Jenny Sung

"Ladies let me tell you it can be done! 

With Grace's help YOU CAN DO IT !!

In one year I have (this only second year of running my business)

✔️ Increased my profits X 10    from last year

✔️ Set up a fully functional      home office

✔️ Engaged an intern working part-time with me 

✔️ Created an amazing online membership program
✔️ Mastered so many awesome systems

✔️ Have a copywriter and a designer who now do all my design and social media! 

✔️ Launching my Weekend Workshops

And now for my reward! I've bought a new car...WOO HOO!!"

Sasha Holland
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