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Virtual Retreats
The Virtual Membership Retreat
  •  Day #1 Building Your Membership: Our first step will be to design your Irresistable Membership Program that stands out amongst your competition and is a no-brainer for your dream clients! You'll map out your inclusions, your niche, your point of difference in the market, your first six-months worth of content and more, using our signature Membership Formula!
  • Day #2 Filling Your Membership: Then on Day #2, we'll focus in on filling your program with loyal, raving students...Even if you've got no following, no advertising budget, and no idea about tech! You'll work hands-on my Expert Team of marketing strategists, funnel builders, and copywriters, to craft your 30-day Launch Plan. 
Choose this Retreat if you want to:
  • Turn your Genius Zone into a profitable, long-term asset worth more than most people's homes... so you can experience that lifestyle freedom you've dreamed of first hand.
  • Tap into a $100 billion+ industry (just like I have) so you can create a gift that keeps on giving to you and your family month after month (hint: it's not in the one off sales). 
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