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“New Book Reveals The Fastest Way To 6-Figures as a Coach & Consultant in 2018"…
"So You Can Have More Time, More Clients 
& More Freedom"
From The Desk Of Grace Lever
Aldgate, South Australia

Dear Lovely,

If you’d like to be a 6-Figure (or even 7-Figure) coach and consultant in 2018... this will be the most important book you read this year…

But before we get started,
It’s Time For Some Real Talk.
Let me make this very clear from the outset…

This isn’t one of those “Get Rich Quick” trainings... that promises you the world while you get to sit on a beach sipping Pina Coladas.

(ahh delicious I know, but not right now)

This stuff requires work and dedication.

My results are also not typical….

I have the benefit of having run my own coaching and consulting business for the last 5 years... and have an established following as a result.

Your results will also vary depending on:

Your background, industry, experience and work ethic.

But if you apply yourself and take massive imperfect action... with everything I am about to show you inside the pages of my new book…

You too will be well on your way to building your very own...

6-Figure (or maybe even 7-Figure) coaching and consulting business.

This book has been written in a way that lays out...

The fastest, most direct path to get you to 6-Figures and beyond.

With that being said, let’s take a look at…
Exactly What You’re Getting
Firstly, this isn’t just another business manual full of "fluff" and empty promises.

This is a book full of valuable practical training and examples...

Showing you how you can achieve lasting success as a coach and consultant.

And don’t worry, it won’t take you weeks to read either :-)

At 137 pages you could finish it in an afternoon.

Here’s What This Book Will Do For You…
Now, we’d be here all day if I was to explain to you everything that I'll be revealing to you inside...

So I put together a list of the main “highlights” that I know you’re going to absolutely love!

(And to also whet your appetite for what I’ll be sending you) :-)

Here they are:
  •   How to get new clients in the next 30 days with this (secret) automated client-getting system. It generated me $23,000 in 24 hours and was so effective that even my family didn’t think it was legal! Page 5
  •   What to do NOW if you’re a brand new coach or consultant without a proven track record or zero industry contacts. Page 42
  •   The only 3 moves you should make to take an underperforming (or even bankrupt).... coaching and consulting business to 6-Figures FAST. Page 46
  •   Can you really grow a profitable, lifestyle business in the next 60 days.... even if you are starting from scratch and have never used social media before? You bet you can and I reveal how on page 12.
  •   What to do next if you have invested everything in launching a coaching or consulting business... that has fallen completely flat. Page 6
  •   The ONE message to pay attention to in 2018 and why it’s going to be your Golden Ticket as a coach and consultant. Page 16
  •   The truth about why the business model you select TODAY... will affect your long-term success twenty years from now. Get this wrong and you will forever be stuck in Entrepreneurial Groundhog Day. Page 17
  •   How to escape the time for money pit trapping you and your huge potential as a female entrepreneur. Page 20 
  •   Take my Genius Zone audit to know exactly what your own coaching and consulting “super power” is.... and how you can monetise that with the right business structure…for you and your lifestyle goals. Page 19
  •   INTRODUCING: The $100 billion dollar growth industry.... the majority of female entrepreneurs are passing over unknowingly. Page 16
  •   The only way to make money as a coach and consultant in 2018 is to have a big list with massive following right? WRONG. This shocking case study suggests otherwise. Page 38
  •   Learn how to end your fear of finally launching and monetising your Genius Zone, FOREVER. Page 23
  •   How to blast self-doubt out of the water and overcome fear. This simple hack will guarantee lasting confidence in anything you do.... in life and business starting NOW. Page 27
  •   The fastest way to position yourself as a niche expert and INFLUENCER. Page 42
  •   How to work out what stage of “The Doers Way” journey you are on right now... PLUS the only high-value tasks you should to be focussing on to get you to your next stage of growth. Page 81
  •   A proven way to evolve into a 7-Figure coach and consultant.... even if you are just starting out with zero clients or experience. Page 44
  •   Discover the most important number in business for coaches and consultants to reach... before they can relax. Page 57
  •   The #1 common sense way to reach your Freedom Metric in the next 30 days with ease. Page 56
  •   You want to sell an online course to be successful as a coach and consultant, right? WRONG. Here’s a brand new approach to achieving success online (especially if you hate tech.) Page 59
  •   Where to find the hidden “high-value” clients in your list of prospects.... and what offer to make them within the first 28 days of them finding out about you. Page 105
  •   Stop leaving money on the table by not tapping into the exponential growth hiding in your customer list... These guys are secretly begging you for more. Page 67
  •   The only high-ticket backend offers you need... to generate a huge ROI on any advertising dollars you invest. Page 75
  •   Where I make the “real money” as a coach and consultant... and how you can also tap into this rare but profitable way of thinking. Page 81
  •   [CONFIDENTIAL] Take a behind the scenes tour of my full list of coaching programs…. what I charge for each and how I sell them so you can do the same. Page 80
  •   Discover how you can end the client chasing chaos with this one simple Upsell page…. guaranteed to turn more prospects into High-value clients faster than any other strategy. Page 73
  •   What potential clients are REALLY looking for in a coach or consultant.... and how to get them banging down your door to help them. Page 38
  •   The secret to building a continuity based coaching business... and why so many female entrepreneurs fail at getting this right. Page 86
  •   The truth about creating an irresistible offer... and the ten components required to convert like crazy. Page 86
  •   Say good-bye to unpredictable and manual lead generation and client-getting. See a better way to engage and convert cold prospects.
    Page 33
  •   My consult attraction and conversion toolkit... complete with inside access to all the tools I use. This resource alone will save you thousands of dollars. Page 33
  •   If you had to pick one, this is HANDS DOWN the one signature program you must create for your business in 2018. Page 78
  •   [EXPOSED] My Power of One methodology that will ensure you choose the right traffic source.... the right landing page.... and the right offer.... to give yourself the greatest chance of success in even the most saturated markets. Page 119
  •   How to know with pinpoint accuracy exactly how much your next promotion is going to generate... even if you hate numbers. This is the #1 cause of the coaching and consulting rollercoaster that so many of us have had to ride. Page 95
  •   #overshare - The time I found myself sitting on a random couch in a pimping Hollywood Hills mansion.... with the smell of a certain weed wafting though the air…. and what the marketing genius who was enjoying it had to say to me :-) Page 103
  •   [Real Talk 101] My “hard as nails” speech that you should hear to help you get your head sorted.... so you can start thinking like a 7-Figure entrepreneur. Page 25
  •   Say goodbye to self-sabotage FOREVER with this one simple mindset trick. Page 112
  •   The one major mindset shift that has made making money as a female entrepreneur.... EASIER, FASTER AND MORE SIMPLE THAN EVER. Page 113
Yep, I think it’s fair to say that I am giving you a massive unfair advantage...

With everything I’ll be sharing inside this new book.

But, I am actually just scratching the surface because your also getting…
My Favourite Consult Cure Blueprint…
So You Can Confidently Turn More Prospects Into High-Ticket Clients!
At the end of this book, you’re going to be getting my complete Consult Cure Blueprint valued at $497 USD.

It's taken from my most powerful High-Ticket coaching and consulting campaigns.

I'll be giving you the exact consult script that my team and I use... every time we are selling High-Ticket coaching and consulting services.

This script has generated me millions of dollars in revenue.

It allows my clients and I to ALWAYS sell with confidence…

WITHOUT being slimy or sales-y!

Yep, this script shows you how to sell without actually feeling like you are “selling”.

Something I wish I knew how to do when I was first starting out!

Finally, to make getting my new book a really simple decision for you…

I’ll also be showing how to fill up your calendar with qualified, eager prospects so your days look a lot like this:
Yep, you’re also going to be getting my Calendar Filling Blueprint training as part of this bonus... 

Just for ordering your copy of The Doers Guide To Coaching & Consulting.


The best part is it’s….

Designed For Female Entrepreneurs Who Hate “Selling”

Don’t worry, if you don’t feel like you’re a natural salesperson or if you get overwhelmed thinking about “selling”....

You’re definitely not alone!

I’m not either and when I first started out as a coach and consultant, I couldn’t think of anything worse!

That is why I have spent years developing the Consult Cure Blueprint and toolkit...

When you roll up your sleeves and get to work using it, a couple of things will happen.

#1 - You will feel relieved in knowing that there really ARE predictable ways to fill up your calendar with qualified prospects.

Prospects that are excited to hear about what you have and how you can help them.

The second thing that will happen is…

You’ll Know How To Turn More Of Your Consults 
Into Customers!
And you’ll do it in a more streamlined, stress-free way than ever before. You will know that you aren’t letting any potential customers slip through the cracks either.

You will have way more confidence and won't feel intimidated by “sales” anymore.

This is because my Consult Cure Blueprint flat out works!

It was developed through massive trial and error... inside my own 7-Figure coaching and consulting business.

Yep, that’s right…

The very same strategies that I am using right now to generate clients and sales... are included for you when you get this book :-)

So You're Probably Wondering What's Your Investment To Get This Book?...
For only $9.95 USD, you’ll receive my book instantly as a digital download.

As soon as you have ordered, I’ll send you an email with confirmation and your link to download your copy of the book.

You can then get reading and "Doing" right away so you don't have to wait for any pesky shipping delays...

You can also access the book on any of your devices too.
Now, in case you are wondering…
There Is No Catch!
I realise this book is some of my best training and advice and it is very inexpensive…

...so you might be wondering what the “catch” is right?

And I definitely don’t blame you for thinking this when there are so many other offers out there...

...that lock you in and charge your credit card every month.

This isn’t one of them.

I’m not going to start making you pay every month to keep your access to my book and the bonus trainings and templates.

I am simply going to give you real value and practical strategies...

By sending you my whole book for $9.95 USD as a digital download.

I’m doing this because I want to get our relationship started off right...

...and reward you for wanting to take massive action in your business today.


But there's one important thing to keep in mind…
Time is Running Out
Offering my book at this low price means that I usually lose money…

It costs me over $40 USD in advertising just to sell one copy.

Why would you do that? You might ask…

Well, it’s simple.

I am so confident that you are going to open up my book...

...love it so much and experience so much value that you are going to want to stick around and learn more from me :-)

But there is only so much time that I can make this generous book offer available to you...

...due to the advertising costs required to promote it.

Because of this it will only be available for a limited time.
You’re Also Getting An Advanced 60-Minute 
Genius Zone Finder Training, Free
During this training, I’ll walk you through the exact process I use to help my private clients pinpoint their own unique Genius Zone... 

...and what they need to do to monetise it.

This is an area that so many coaches and consultants overlook...

And it can really come back to bite them when they invest everything to build a business that:

1) Doesn't complement their own Genius Zone.

2) Isn't the right model to monetise that Genius Zone.

This training helps you avoid this scenario altogether.


When you embrace your true authentic self...

That is your superpower and no one can take that away from you :-)

No longer will you be competing with everyone else...

When you build your business around your authentic self in the way I show you inside this Genius Zone Finder training...

And there is no charge for it. This is my extra gift to you for just checking out the book.

Oh yeh. In case you are wondering…

There is also a money-back guarantee.

In fact, I think it’s pretty fair to say it's…
My "Love It Or You Pay Nothing" Guarantee
I guarantee 100% that you will absolutely love this book and all the goodness inside its pages.


If for some reason you don’t…

I’ll make sure I return your $9.95 USD and let you keep the book and the video training anyway.

That’s right. No questions asked.

Just email me at ask@thedoersway.net and I’ll give you for $9.95 USD back right away.

Sound fair?

This Is Truly A Limited Offer So Claim Your Copy Now Before They're All Gone...
Thanks so much for reading my letter today lovely lady and I hope to hear from you soon! 

Grace Lever 

P.S.  Chances are you are probably one of those people (like me) who skip straight down to the end of the letter. If that is you, here is the deal.

I’m offering you a 137 page book on how to grow your coaching and consulting business in 2018 for $9.95 USD.

..so that you can have more time, more freedom and more clients.

At the end of the book I’m also going to be walking you through my complete Consult Cure Blueprint campaign…

So you can attract and convert more High-Ticket clients with smart automated systems.

I give you everything required to be able to swipe and deploy so you can start benefiting from this book right away. Just tweak and go live for your specific business.

On top of that I am also giving you a 60-minute Genius Zone Finder training, free...

So you can pinpoint your Genius Zone and the right business model you need to monetise it.

This is a very limited offer because it is a marketing test.

There is no “catch” to this offer either. You won’t be getting harassed by a sales team as soon as you buy the book.

In fact if you don’t like the book... you can let me know by emailing me at ask@thedoersway.net and I’ll even give you back your $9.95 USD.

Click here to claim your copy now. You will not regret it.

P.P.S. For those of you that make the smart decision and find the $9.95 USD to secure your book...

You will see on the page following your order a special private invitation from me.

If you buy the book I know you are a serious Doer and that means I can help you :-)

I will be making a very limited number of places available to try out my Doers Inner Circle.

My intimate mastermind of high-achieving coaches, consultants and professional service entrepreneurs.

There are currently a few final openings left to join the group this month...

I have made the decision to cap the number of members inside.

To get access I will be making you a very generous offer to try it out for 30 days for just $1.

When you do that you will also be receiving your very own Welcome Kit delivered direct to your door.

This Doers Inner Circle Welcome Kit is valued at over $1,000 and this is the only way you can get it.

If you are able to secure one of the final places inside The Doers Inner Circle group...

...we will also be able to meet up in person at my next Doers Inner Circle Weekend Away.

As a member you are provided with complimentary tickets (valued at $5,000 each) to this event.

Click here to claim your copy of The Doers Guide to Coaching & Consulting

And receive your private invitation to work with me more closely in 2018.

I can’t wait to meet you :-)
DISCLAIMER: It’s important to know that my results are not typical nor is my experience. I am not implying that you will duplicate them (or actually do anything for that matter). I have the benefit of having run my own marketing and automation agency.The average person who buys any “how to” information generally does very little with it and because of this inaction gets little to no results. Business also entails risk and nothing is guaranteed. If you are not willing to accept that then PLEASE DO NOT GET THIS BOOK EITHER. If you are looking for a guaranteed “silver bullet” then this book at the grand price of $9.95 USD is also not for you.
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