— VIP Invite to Spend 3 Days with Grace and a Special Guest at Her Home —
“Ready to Build Your High-Ticket Client-Getting System and Close $5k–$50k Coaching and Service Packages over the Phone—with the Help of Grace and Her Team?...
So You Can Work Less and Profit More!
From the Desk of Grace Lever
Aldgate, South Australia

Hey Lovely Lady,

Does this sound like you?
  •  I'm held back by the fear of putting myself out there with high-ticket clients and possibly getting rejected.
  • I’m not experienced enough to charge high-ticket fees! I don’t have crazy big success stories.
  •  I never want to be seen as one of those sleazy and slimey sales people.
  •  I'm AWESOME at promoting other people’s products and services, but talking about what I do makes me want to melt, hide under a rock, and disappear!
  •  It feels alien to pitch my services—SO unnatural.
  •  My aversion to talking about what I do for a living has left me on the outside looking in.
  •  I hate feeling like I’m yet another person demanding attention and money from an increasingly jaded public.
  •  Superficial ‘networking’ is not my thing. I want to genuinely connect with people.
If so, you are NOT alone!

A lot of the women I coach struggle to muster the courage to put themselves out there.

Even after they do, they ask...

How will I even find people who can afford the fees I’d love to charge?

Put together killer packages my tribe would beat down doors to buy?

Know how much money to ask for? (And how to ask for it.)

All while bringing enough value to the table WITHOUT undercutting my pricing?

AND most importantly…
How Do I Make My Prospects See That I Am Here to Give Them Something...
…not just take away their money!

Well, the solution to ALL these questions is here in this letter.

But first, you NEED to hear this.

All the enthusiastic, positive, grateful clients imaginable are sitting right out there, ready and waiting for you.

All you need is a proven, duplicate-able system to attract them into your business. 

If you’re unhappy with the fees you’re charging OR your income, you DON’T have this system yet.

Because here’s the truth….
It’s Actually Easier to Land High-ticket Clients Than Low Paying Ones...
...when you have a tried and tested sales system that just works.

With a system like this built into your business, you’ll no longer feel intimidated when going after high-ticket clients.

Instead, you’ll…
  • Feel no shame in letting people know, “I'm here! And I can help!”
  • Be in a position where you can say no to clients you don’t want to work with.
  • See how to meet your prospects’ needs in a natural process.
  •  Recognise that what you do is extremely valuable and get paid what you’re worth.
    An effective sales system can turn even the shyest wallflower into a sales ninja who sells with the best of them… WITHOUT even an ounce of sleaze!

    This isn’t about getting good at pushing people into forking over cash for offerings they don’t need.

    It’s a structured, systematic approach to creating and maintaining authentic relationships.

    Lovely, this is what makes marketing and being a service business owner fun and rewarding!
    Here’s Why It’s Vital That You Get This...
    Building your very own high-ticket sales system can take you away from so-so clients who aren’t really keen on what you have to offer...

    And leave you working with only passionate, committed clients who LOVE what you do!

    All while charging higher fees so you’ll work less and profit more! (More on that in a bit.)


    Once you’ve mastered the skill of creating offers and the formula to sell them, you can make money at ANY time—independent of anybody else. 

    Meaning you will never have to worry about money again!

    That’s TRUE financial freedom if you ask me!

    If you want this for your business, I have some good news. With your very own client-getting system built and implemented, this could be your reality in a matter of days (not weeks, months or years!). 

    Want to know how?

    I’ve recruited a very special guest to show you…
    The Proven, Duplicate-able System to Land High-Ticket Clients in a Way That Feels Good
    Let me introduce you to my dear friend, Erica Martin.

    We met in a private high-level mastermind where some of the top entrepreneurs from across the planet meet up a few times a year.

    Being the only two women in the room, we connected instantly :-)

    Not only did Erica make $1.5 million in sales in her first 2 years of her own coaching business…

    She then SOLD her company like the true Sales Ninja she is!

    I’ve had her on stage at my events before teaching Doers how to close $5k–$50k coaching packages over the phone…

    And the women in that room LOVED it!

    Here’s the best part about Erica, though.

    Before her, I had only ever met salesMEN that could get results like she has.

    (Mostly because of that “fearlessness” thing they seem to have.)

    The problem was, a lot of the men I’ve learned from were a little... sleazy.

    Theirs wasn’t a process I was keen to follow—it just didn't click with me.

    I couldn’t read through their sales scripts without feeling icky or lacking confidence in what I was saying.

    But I knew that, as a business owner, if I have an amazing product or service and people out there have a problem my offer can solve…

    Then sales shouldn’t be SUCH a hard conversation!!

    I just had to know the right stuff to say.

    I should be able to feel JOY in taking people’s financial investment because now I know I can have the time with them to solve their problem.

    I wrestled with this for a long time.

    But by following Erica’s system, you don’t have to.

    You can learn to command high-ticket fees with authenticity like I eventually did...

    ...when my business took off—from six to seven to EIGHT figures and beyond!

    It ALL started with mastering sales in a way that felt natural—EVEN FUN!

    And I have to tell you...

    The stuff that Erica will be teaching you is unlike anything I had seen before.

    She shows women entrepreneurs how to make sales easy and natural with a formula that FEELS GOOD to follow.

    You can feel her energy and love for slime-free sales from across the room—it’s infectious!

    And she’s got real world experiences to help ANYONE get higher paying clients.

    She’s agreed to join us—all the way from the U.S.—for a 3-Day VIP High-Ticket Client Retreat in my home.

    In case you’ve never been before, this is what your fellow Doers have to say about our past retreats...
    This Could Be You Too, Lovely!
    Imagine packaging your Genius Zone and existing content into an Irresistible Offer that your dream clients can’t keep their hands off of.

    Doubling, tripling, even 4X’ing your rates to match the new first-class value you’re bringing to the table.

    What would that mean for your business?

    Instead of working with 20 clients at a time offering smaller packages to reach your monthly income target…

    You could serve as few as 4 clients in a really powerful way...

    While still enjoying a record-breaking month of income—like fellow Doer Erica Powell did.
    And with my wildly successful calendar-filling automation method...

    You'll be worry-free about taking a trip to Mexico with your hubby or girlfriends, like Doer Emma...
    Or take a relaxing stroll followed by a leisurely breakfast while running your business from Florence—like Doer Heera did...
    Or finally fulfil your dream of being paid in shoes like Doer Eve!
    Or binge watch The Batchelor from your bubble bath! Like I do ;-) 

    Less work, more efficient, definitely more profitable. (Oh, and not to mention… more fun!)

    And you don’t have to slave for years to have a business like that.

    In fact, a couple months from now, you could be saying..
    “I never expected high-ticket sales to happen so easily so quickly. This is THE BEST decision I ever made!!”
    Because I’ve set everything up to make this event YOUR DEFINING MOMENT OF 2019.

    With that, let’s dive into...
    Exactly What You’ll Experience at the High-Ticket Client Retreat
    This exclusive event will be very different from anything else I offer in my business.


    Because you will be coming to my home in the beautiful Adelaide Hills.

    You’ll be spending quality time with my team, Erica, and me for over 3 FULL days together.

    We’ll be showing you everything you need to know to strategise, plan out, and put in place your very own high-ticket client-getting system:
    • Building your high-ticket offering so it’s an easy “YES!” (Get that done and checked off the list while you are here...)
    • Filling up your calendar with lots of consult calls. (This includes a behind-the-scenes look at MY OWN wildly successful calendar-filling method. Showing you how to start filling your calendar IN THE ROOM so you have sales lined up before you leave!)
    • And then the formula to easily close $5k–$50k packages over the phone.
    This Is Gold!
    We’re giving you the Yellow Brick Road to follow—an invaluable blueprint—for your coaching or service business to reach the heights you’ve only dreamed of.

    While breaking things down in a simple way with specific examples that anyone can use.

    This weekend will also involve plenty of implementation and “doing time” so you can make progress a LOT faster with us to support you every step of the way :-)

    Whether you’ve been selling for awhile and need some help closing the gaps in your sales process OR you’re a newbie coach just getting started who wants to learn how to close more sales with high-paying clients…

    This retreat is your chance to sit at the kitchen table (literally) with me and my team… and get the key to make it a reality.

    During our 3 days together, you will also receive ALL of my High-Ticket Client-Getting templates to help your first or next big sale come together faster, including:
    •  Scripts 
    •  Automated emails
    •  Landing pages
    •  Pricing strategy
    •   Consult funnel structure
    •  Calendar automation
    •  Role playing
    •   and MUCH more! :-)
    I decided to include all these templates for you so that by the end of the retreat, you can walk away with complete confidence that you have everything you need to land high-ticket clients and transform the future of your business for good…

    While avoiding trial and error and any second-guessing of yourself.

    You’ll go home feeling like you have experienced the most productive 3 days and achieved a lot of “doing”.

    AND you’ll have EVERYTHING you need to close a $5k, $10k, $25k, or even $50,000 package offering!
    Not “Techy?” No Need to Worry… I’ve Designed This Retreat for Female Entrepreneurs Like You!
    This retreat was created specifically for coaches, consultants, and service entrepreneurs who hate tech—so setting up your own High-Ticket Client-Getting System will be EASY to do.

    With the personal attention from my team PLUS the bonuses I decided to include (we’ll get to those in a minute), a “techy” skill set is simply NOT REQUIRED!

    Let me explain.

    This will be an intimate event with only 19 other female entrepreneurs attending.

    I have set this firm limit to make sure everyone gets looked after.

    (We’ve actually already filled several spots!)

    Some of my most trusted and accomplished team members will be joining us as well.

    They will be there to help and will be working with you closely over our 3 days together—especially on the tech side of things...

    Showing you the easiest way to land your next High-Ticket Clients!

    And answering your questions while keeping you from overcomplicating the process.

    Here is a quick rundown of my team and how they will be helping you get the most out of the High-Ticket Client Retreat:
    •   Alisa (My Automation Genius) will help you get your Consult Scheduling Calendar Automation and Consult Reminder Funnel set up and integrated—in an easy way.
    •  Adam (My Strategy Guy and Hubby) will be there to help you refine your client-getting marketing strategy and the best way to fill your calendar.
    •  Laura (My Product and Project Management Guru) will be there to help you visualise and plan your consult-getting campaigns, and get your head around your offer. 
    •  Rob (My Facebook Guy) will be there to show you how to get your ads written, reviewed, and set up right—so you can book more sales calls.
    •  Rachel (My Graphic Designer) will be creating your authentic brand elements to level up the look and feel of your offerings.
    •  Beth (My Copywriter) will help you get clear with your message, your offer’s true value and structure.
    •  Andre (My Celebrity Headshot Photographer) will be taking authentic, gorgeous headshots of you to help brand and promote your new Sexy Offerings.
    And since you won’t be worried about the tech, you can focus your efforts to...
    Use These 4 Extra Bonuses to Automate 90% of the Client-Getting Process!
    Being able to attract, close, and onboard your new high-ticket clients in a way that doesn’t leave you overscheduled and overwhelmed...

    Is the MOST IMPORTANT part of the process—and what you’re probably most interested in learning.

    Getting this right directly impacts the success of your ENTIRE business!

    Now to be clear, this retreat is NOT a “lecture” format where Erica and I talk for three days and then you go home with loads of work to do.

    Rather, we’ve designed the whole weekend as a Done With You experience.

    You get access to myself, Erica, and my team’s support while we build your Client-Getting System together.

    On top of that, though, my team will be handing you these INCREDIBLE DONE-FOR-YOU BONUSES to fill your business with amazing new clients who stick around and happily pay you the fees you deserve.

    These four bonuses are worth thousands on their own, but I’m gifting them to you when you attend this retreat so you can see MASSIVE results...FAST!

    You’ll be able to copy, tweak, and use the following:
    1. End-to-End Automated Calendar Booking System
    My lifestyle-focused 24/7 system that lets me book consult calls in my sleep! 

    This takes 90% of the tasks off your list—even if you have one of those businesses that “can’t be automated”...

    Just watch me ;-)
    2. Pre- and Post-Consult Nurture Templates
    One of the many ways to land high-ticket clients is by selling over the phone... 

    But you don’t want to chase down prospects or hope they’ll show up to calls. 

    This system I’m giving you will have prospects rock up to your calls excited and nearly SOLD (without you lifting a finger)!
    3. Grace’s Very Own Sales Letter Template
    You can just copy, paste, and tweak to start promoting your own consults, FAST!

    Plus...this template is the key to selling, really, anything for the rest of your career—and it’s used by the top digital marketing experts in the world.

    This one component might just become the most powerful sales tool you use in your business!
    4. Lead Magnet to Consult’ Funnel Template
    Say goodbye to fast unsubscribes and HELLO to smoking-hot leads ready to hear about your offer and how you can help them.

    With this template, you won’t have anything holding you back from filling up your calendar.

    (Swipe it and use it!)
    Yep, all these bonuses are included in your ticket to the High-Ticket Client Retreat…

    Completely plug-and-play once you edit them up for your business :-)

    Pretty cool, right?!!

    This will make sure that you have your very own client-getting system built and implemented with sales lined up in days, instead of weeks or months!!

    So, there you have it.

    All bases covered :-)

    And in case you’re the kind of gal who loves even more detail...
    Here’s Just a Fraction of What We Are Going to Be Sharing with You at the High-Ticket Client Retreat…
    Read through these, and pay close attention to what it could mean for your business:
    •  How to turn your Genius Zone into an offer that your tribe will beat down doors to get their hands on! 
    •  The “BIG LIE” in the industry that’s causing female entrepreneurs to waste time and burn out before their business even gets off the ground.
    •  The 5 “cheeky” mindset triggers that will make YOUR offer magnetic to your ideal client.
    •  How to create a high-value offer where you overdeliver (without undercutting your pricing).
    •  My High-Ticket pricing strategy to make it a no-brainer for your ideal client to say, “YES! Sign me up!”
    •  The new approach (that I discovered by mistake) no one is teaching that will help you launch your High-Ticket Client-Getting System in just 3 days.
    •  How to fill up your Client-Getting System with loyal, raving fans even if you don’t have a following or database.
    •  The number-one tool for developing a deep connection with your audience from anywhere in the world in just 15 minutes. 
    •  Swipe and deploy my Social Lead Gen Strategy that shows you how to grow your fanbase more effectively than any other way (so you too can have an unfair advantage).
    •  The step-by-step “How To” of warming up prospects organically—we’ve removed all the guesswork. 
    •  The BEST place to find leads online in 2019—no matter what your niche—and how to authentically build relationships that lead to sales.
    •  How to use content you already have to gain more consults every month!
    •  The automation needed to take 90% of the client-getting tasks off of your calendar (even if you have one of those businesses that “can’t be automated”).
    •  My proven “tech-free” Consult Funnel Structure setup to fill your calendar with high-ticket clients on autopilot without knowing anything about code!
    •  My EXACT copy and paste end-to-end calendar booking system to get your consults automated so you can work less as you scale your income. 
    •  The truth about becoming an engaging and confident presenter so you look and sound great while gaining your prospects’ trust.
    •  The positioning needed to command $5k–$50k coaching packages after a short 30–60-min. phone call (even if you don’t have a relationship before the call)!
    •  How to stand head and shoulders above other service providers, making competition irrelevant. 
    •  Know what words to say and when for a natural flow that sells without the sleaze. 
    •  The ONE strategy to help you get your next booking IMMEDIATELY!
    •  How to EASILY overcome their objections and land a new high-ticket client nearly every time you get on the phone!
    •  Together with Grace and Erica, develop your very own unique and customised consult call strategy for your business.
    •  Sales scripting that takes you from robotic and uncomfortable to naturally flowing conversation that ends with a 4–5 FIGURE SALE! 
    •  Role-play exercises to give you superhero confidence, ready to genuinely connect with your prospects.
    So, There You Have It...
    And that is only a fraction of what we will be covering during our 3 days together.


    If you are still reading this, it means you must be pretty interested in finding out more and taking the next step in securing one of the twenty places I am making available at this event.

    But with all that being said, there is ONE thing to keep in mind.
    Time Is of the Essence!!
    This event will only be open for a short time, and I have not decided at this stage if I’m running it again in the future.

    Especially with Erica living in the US, I’m not sure when or if we’ll ever be able to do this again.

    AND there are FEWER THAN twenty spots available (firm).

    Because several of your fellow Doers have already secured their spot.
    With the number of seats left and the 1,000 women inside the Doers Inner Circle, we will sell out soon.

    Especially considering this is an intimate event I’m hosting in my gorgeous Adelaide home.

    So it’s simply a matter of supply and demand!
    Oh—One More Thing...
    You are also going to be getting access to a heap of other special lifestyle “goodies” when you attend this event…

    “Lifestyle Goodies” you ask?

    My professional way of saying…

    The Fun Stuff!

    Outside of learning and doing on your new High-Ticket Client System…

    I have set time aside for you to relax and network with the other 19 Doers from all over the world…

    While enjoying the gorgeous Adelaide Hills and my hometown.

    I will also be hosting and including an intimate dinner on the Saturday evening at one of my favourite local restaurants…
    As well as taking care of your morning tea, lunch, and afternoon tea on each of the three days.

    All your transport to and from your accommodation to the event each day will be included, too…

    …so you can focus 100% on your new profitable High-Ticket System and what you will be learning and “doing” each day.
    My Biggest Guarantee Yet!
    In creating this retreat, I thought long and hard…

    How could I make this an absolute “No-Brainer” for you to join me for 3 days and take away all your risk?

    So to make sure I have done that, I 100% guarantee…

    That you will absolutely LOVE the event and receive huge value from the training…

    As well as the Done-With-You nature of the entire experience and the Done-For-You elements too.

    If for whatever reason you don’t…

    I’ll refund you your entire ticket PLUS gift you with an extra $500 travel credit as long as you let me know in person before the start of the second day of training.

    All that I ask is that you have completed the pre-event prep that we send to you before attending.

    Sound fair?

    That way all the risk is on me and not on you!
    So, The Big Question I Bet You Are Wanting to Ask…
    What is your investment to join me for 3 days? 

    I am not going to sugarcoat things and say it is going to be affordable for everyone.

    It isn’t.

    Nor is it the right event for every female entrepreneur to attend, either.

    After all, Erica and I won’t only be teaching you how to close $5k–$50,000 coaching packages without the typical sleaze of high-ticket selling...

    You’ll also have access to my world-class team members to start building and filling up YOUR Client-Getting System so you can get results FAST!

    If you have read to this point, chances are you already know for yourself that this event is what you have been waiting for…

    …and what your business needs right now.

    The investment to attend this event will be under $4,000 USD… and with such a high-value event and so few seats, this will sell out fast.

    After all, Erica and I are showing you the exact system we used to pass the 7-figure marks in our businesses... VERY quickly!

    But what about YOU? Let’s say you only did half that… or, heck, even a tiny fraction.

    Using the system, the strategies, the templates, the sequences, the scripts, and more included in this retreat...

    If you only land ONE new high-ticket client at $5,000, you’d MORE than make your money back!

    Every client after that is pure profit!

    Wouldn’t that make this retreat MORE than worth its investment?

    You betcha!

    And remember, I’m going to show you how to have your very own client-getting system built and implemented with consults booked before you leave!

    (In fact, just looking at the numbers, it sounds like THE smartest thing you could do—if you really want to build your business right!)

    PLUS…if you want to claim a tax-deductible work trip, this is an opportunity to do business in one of the most beautiful wine regions of Australia!

    So, let’s keep going!

    I put together this page here that explains everything else:

    Like the dates, times, and your investement too, so click this button to check it out. 
    But Let Me Be Clear About One Thing...
    I’m not suggesting that everyone (or anyone for that matter) who attends this private retreat will have a 7-figure business in the next year...

    Or any money at all, for that matter.

    Unfortunately, it’s also likely that many who attend this 3-day event will do little or nothing…

    Even with all the information, systems, insights, and support that my team and I will give them.

    (Especially if they don’t follow the directions and take massive imperfect action.)

    As a business owner, your ultimate success will ALWAYS be your responsibility.

    Disclaimer: I am not running this event for these types of people... you know who I am talking about... the whiners, the complainers, the excuse makers, the get-rich-quick chasers.
    I Am Hosting It for YOU!
    Someone who is a serious Doer and who will take action and make the most out of our 3 days together.

    So, if you are interested in harnessing the power of building a repeatable High-Ticket Client-Getting System that allows you to gain financial freedom for life...

    …and are wanting to find out more about what our 3 days together will look like at my home…

    It’s time to step up and put on what I like to call those “big girl undies” :-)

    And to promise yourself that you won’t be one of those attendees who does little or nothing with what I am about to give you at this weekend.

    But rather, make this event YOUR DEFINING MOMENT OF 2019!
    This Event Was Tailor-Made for You If...
    •  You’re a busy coach who seems to be doing a lot but getting a little, and you need some help stepping out of the details and getting back in the game...
    • You're tired of expending excess energy and time with clients who can’t afford the valuable services you offer...
    •   You want a straightforward process, shared in an easy-to-follow, step-by-step fashion...
    •  Talking about what you do makes you want to run and hide, and you’d rather be saying, “I never expected this to go so easily so quickly”...
    •  You’re just starting out with your business and you want to set things up the RIGHT way —skipping years of scrimping to get by
    •  You’re seasoned at sales but want to go back and fix your business structure and get a refresher on sell high-ticket services—to get better results...
    •  OR… You want a leveraged approach to grow your coaching or consulting business into an automated money maker that will give you the financial confidence to put more LIFE back into your lifestyle business.
    If any (or all) of these points describe where you’re at, the perfect NEXT BEST STEP for you is to join us at my home in January!

    Just remember...
    This Is Truly a Limited Offer, And Seats Will Fill Fast
    So, if you are serious about joining me, claim your seat now before they’re all gone.
    People always email me after the doors close to ask if they can still get in...

    It happens every single time!

    So, I want to make sure you know the countdown is on. No excuses ;-)

    Thanks for checking out this personal message that I wrote for you, and I look forward to seeing you at my home in January!

    P.S. If you're still not sure about this event, don't just take my word for it. Check out some of the testimonials from past retreats at my home...
    P.P.S. In case you’re like me who just skips straight to the bottom of any letter…

    Here’s the deal: 

    I’m hosting a 3-Day High-Ticket Client Retreat for 20 Doers at my home in Adelaide. 

    This will be an intimate event with only 19 other female entrepreneurs attending.

    I have set this firm limit to make sure everyone gets looked after.

    (Several of your fellow Doers have already secured their spot.)

    Because of this, it will be a very rare and super valuable opportunity if you are able to attend.

    During our 3 days together, you will learn how to build your high-ticket client-getting system with the help of my team, myself, and our special guest, Erica Martin.

    Who’s Erica? One of my closest gal pals who sold $1.5 million in coaching packages her first 2 years in business and then SOLD her company like the true Sales Ninja she is!

    She’s joining us all the way from the U.S. to teach you how to package up your own “No-Brainer” Offer and the formula to sell it without even an ounce of sleaze. 


    It’s simple. So You Can Enjoy Working Less and Profiting More!

    (Without having to trial and error your way through the process.)

    And, because…

    With this system we are going to teach you, it’s actually EASIER to land high-ticket clients than low-paying ones!

    But...this is NOT about getting good at pushing people into forking over cash for offerings they don’t need.

    It’s a structured, systematic approach to creating and maintaining authentic relationships with people you’d love to serve.

    And it makes the difference between servicing so-so clients who aren’t really that keen on what you have to offer—compared to working with passionate, committed clients who love what you do. 

    AND, along with learning everything you need to know about…

    Building your high-ticket offering so it’s an easy “YES!”...

    Filling up your calendar with lots of consult calls...

    And then easily closing $5k–$50k packages over the phone ...

    … this weekend will also involve implementation so you can make progress a LOT faster. 

    (Because we are all “Doers” after all!)


    This weekend is not “Done-For-You”, as it will require your input, time, and initiative.

    Rather, it’s a “Done-With-You” experience.

    But my team will be there to support you every step of the way!!

    During our 3 days together, you will also be getting unrestricted access to all the following that we already created (so you don’t have to!):

           ● Scripts
           ● Automated emails
           ● Landing pages
           ● Pricing strategy
           ● Consult funnel structure
           ● Calendar automation
           ● Role-playing
           ● and MUCH more! :-)

    I have also thought long and hard about how I could make this an absolute “No-Brainer” for you to join me for 3 days and take away all the risk for you…

    So to make this an easy decision to join my team and me…

    I 100% guarantee that you will absolutely LOVE the event, the training, and the Done-With-You experience.

    But if, for whatever reason, you don’t…

    I’ll refund you the entire cost of your ticket and credit you a $500 travel voucher.

    (All I ask is that you have completed the pre-event prep that we send to you before attending.)

    I am not going to sugarcoat things and say it is going to be affordable for everyone.

    It isn’t…

    …nor is it the right event for every Doers Inner Circle member to attend, either.

    But if you have read to this point…

    Chances are you know yourself that this event is what you have been waiting for.

    And what your coaching, consulting, or services business needs right now.

    The investment to attend this event will be just under $4k USD… and with such a high-value event and so few seats, this will sell out fast.

    After all, Erica and I are showing you the exact system we used to pass the 7-figure marks in our business...VERY quickly!

    PLUS…if you want to claim a tax-deductible work trip, this is an opportunity to do business in one of the most beautiful wine regions of Australia!

    So, let’s keep going! 

    I put together this page over here that explains everything else, including:

           ● Dates 
           ● Times
           ● Schedule
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    DISCLAIMER: It’s important to know that my results are not typical, nor is my experience. I am not implying that you will duplicate them (or actually do anything, for that matter). I have the benefit of having run my own marketing and automation agency.The average person who buys any “how-to” information generally does very little with it and, because of this inaction, gets little to no results. Business also entails risk, and nothing is guaranteed. If you are not willing to accept that, then PLEASE DO NOT ATTEND THIS EVENT. If you are looking for a guaranteed “silver bullet”, then this event is also not for you.