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Hey Lovely, 

If your Client Getting Strategy is mainly just "guesswork"... 

And if you want confidence that the steps you'll take will definitely get new clients into your coaching business...

Then this is the most important letter you'll read all year. 

Because for a limited time, I want to gift you my best-selling course to take your coaching business from scratch to 6-figures...

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The same 4-Step Strategy I used to build an 8-figure coaching empire, and serve 60,000 students in less than 5 years. 

More importantly...

The same system I've helped thousands of women in 115+ saturated industries use to build 6- and 7-figure businesses too. 

Industries such as: 
  • ​Relationships
  • ​Weight loss
  • ​Finance
  • ​Digital marketing 
  • ​Social media 
  • ​Parenting
  • ​Mindset
  • ​Accounting
  • ​Dog training
  • ​Health and wellness
I took everything that worked for my business, and those of my students and turned it into an A-Z Business Building Roadmap for coaches and consultants called:

The Kickstart Project. 

Inside, I'll cut the fluff and ONLY give you the essentials you need to get to your monthly client and revenue goals in the shortest time possible. 
It works if you have no name...

It works if you can't stand tech... 

It works if you have no money for ads... 

It even works if you have no niche, or no program offer yet! 

It works SO well, in fact, that recently we made a very bold (and some might say CRAZY) move... 

To share The Kickstart Project as a gift when you join The Doers Inner Circle. 
as a member of the doers inner circle, you'll be able to...
  • Follow a proven path to build your profitable, lifestyle coaching business online without the guesswork... 
  • ​Avoid making the same mistakes costing female entrepreneurs thousands of dollars every day... Follow a simple, proven path to grow in 2020. 
  • Uncover your unique "Genius Zone"... Aka. That skill or solution that is common sense to you, but your market will pay thousands to get their hands on it!
  • ​Build a business you can rely on for your family's financial future, so you can quit your "day job" and do what you were created to do full-time.
  • ​​Stop hustling, working 14 hour days, and wearing all the hats... START doing things that will actually grow your business. I'll show you what your "needle movers" are, so you have clarity on what to do, when. 
  • ​​No longer be overwhelmed by the tech with marketing... I'll share my handful of user-friendly tools to build a stunning, and professional business online. 
  • ​Turn your Genius Zone into an irresistable online course for your clients... Get your slice of the $340 billion industry that is online courses (I'll show you how to stand out in even the most saturated of markets)... 
  • Find your authentic niche, and get crystal clear on exactly who you can help (and how)... so you can break into your market with confidence.
  • ​Master the art of "selling without selling"... I'll show you how to close high-paying clients, and get paid what you're worth without sleazy or slimey sales tricks. 
  • ​50% of entrepreneurs fail in the first 5 years of business... Join a community of over 2,500+ women taking Massive Imperfect Action to flip that number on its head... (You'll see first-hand the difference support & accountability can make). 
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As long as they are a fellow like-minded female entrepreneur who has their own Coaching, Consulting or Professional Service-Based Business, they qualify for a "Bring-A-Friend" Ticket!

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check out these Real results from women inside the Doers Inner Circle:

Zarinah El-Amin 

"I wanted to thank the amazing thought leaders and experts in this group...

This has been transformational for me... 

I have stepped out of my comfort zone, but the gifts that Grace and her team bestowed in this program are priceless and I'm thankful for the phenomenal support and wisdom of this group."

Niya Champaneria

"After yesterday's catch up call, I am SO fired up! I'm finding so much value in not only the content and the calls, but also the community, and it's just the first month!

I love taking online courses and downloading the expertise of others so I can learn from them, but I just can't stand how every course starts the same... slow and boring!  Not this Inner Circle... we're going from 0-60 in 3 seconds flat!

Looking forward to the rise with all of you ladies!"

Stacey Fulton

"For anyone sitting on the fence about joining this program, i can honestly say DO IT!!! 

I am a member of this awesome community and all I can say is WOW, it changes how you approach every single component of your business.

It's all thanks to Grace and her awesome team!!!!"
So, What Exactly Is Included In
The Doers Inner Circle?
A Monthly "Doing" Kit delivered to your door...
These monthly training books deep dive into what's working right now in my business, and the businesses of other Doers in my community. You'll watch over my shoulder as I walk you through live campaigns, traffic strategies, emails, stats, mindset hacks, and more... 

Enjoy stepping away from the computer with your Doing Kit and going "old-school" with Grace's planning and implementation guides (and a coffee or glass of wine!)
Tickets To The Virtual Doers Weekend Away
You'll receive free tickets to the Doers Inner Circle Virtual Weekend Away, held twice per year. These incredible, inspiring and action-focused weekends will leave you refreshed and buzzing, excited for your adventure that lies ahead…

They’ll also give you practical, powerful steps and strategies that you will start working on with us to help you automate your business, increase your enquiries and brand awareness, grow an affordable and profitable team to support you, and basically just become a girl boss!
2x LIVE Group Coaching Calls Every Month
Access to our twice monthly members-only "Live Coaching Calls"... Join Grace and her team of Experts for a 2-hour Q&A session, answering any questions you have about life and business.

These calls are a powerful time for connection and clarity, as you - and a group of likeminded, committed Doers - spend 2-hours building your businesses together! 
Monthly Access To Our World Class Course Library
As long as you remain inside the Doers Inner Circle, you'll be able to unlock a new world-class training course every month (over 10+ to choose from, each valued at up to $1,997 USD!) 

These cover everything you need to grow your coaching business including mindset, live events, Facebook advertising, membership communities, online courses, sales consults, marketing funnels, and more.

PLUS as an added bonus, as soon as you become a trial member today, we'll unlock Grace's top client-getting course for online coaches - The Kickstart Project - instantly!
Join the movement inside the Facebook Group
The Doers Inner Circle Facebook Group is an exclusive private group for those participating in the Doers Inner Circle Program. This is the perfect place to discuss your progress in the monthly projects, and to celebrate the wins!

You'll make life-long friends and be able to be cheered on in your walk as a female entrepreneur :-)
join our community of likeminded female entrepreneurs 
on a risk-free 30-day trial...
for just $1 USD today!
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Billed monthly, cancel anytime.
  • Monthly "Doing" Kit sent to your door
  • 2x Monthly Live Q&A Calls with Grace
  • Access Private Facebook Group
  • Tickets to the Doers Weekend Away Event
  • Unlock 1x online training course/mth
  • Submit a question per week to Grace's Team
  • Access Grace's marketing swipes & templates
join on a 30-day trial
Risk free, no lock-in contracts
  • Monthly "Doing" Kit sent to your door
  • 2x Monthly Live Q&A Calls with Grace
  • Access Private Facebook Group
  • Tickets to the Doers Weekend Away Event
  • Unlock 1x online training course/mth
  • Submit a question every week for Grace's Expert Team
  • Access Grace's marketing swipes & templates
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Billed annually. Get 2 months free.
  • Monthly "Doing" Kit sent to your door
  • 2x Monthly Live Q&A Calls with Grace
  • Access Private Facebook Group
  • Tickets to the Doers Weekend Away Event
  • Unlimited access to Grace's training library 
  • Submit a question per week to Grace's Team
  • Access Grace's marketing swipes & templates
Who Is The Doers Inner Circle For?
Thought Leaders
Professional Services
Personal Brands
check out these Real results from women inside the Doers Inner Circle:
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