introducing the Brand new "Freedom Retreat"
grace lever personally helps you Hit your $20k/mth "Freedom metric" in this exclusive 2-day event...
so you can build your dream business and lifestyle in 2020
00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
The Freedom Retreat is an intimate, private and exclusive 2-Day Virtual Done-With-You experience... 
Streaming LIVE to your living room!
2-Days Packed Full of Learning, Doing and Support...
Hey Lovely,  

If you’re a coach or consultant who isn’t hitting $20,000 per month consistently (what I call your Freedom Metric) then this will be the most event you attend this year.

Here’s why...
Grace Lever
Founder of The Doers Way
At the Freedom Retreat, I'll show you how to accelerate your business to $20,000 per month...

...without a marketing funnel.
...without Facebook ads. 
...without overwhelming tech. 
...and, without a killer program ready to go.

This is NOT another online tele-workshop, or training webinar with thousands of other people... 

This is an intimate, Done-With-You Event that combines "learning" with "doing" in a proven way. 
Before I go on, I want to temper your expectations. 

If you've reached this page looking for a "Silver Bullet" hack...

Or a Get Rich Quick Scheme to make a million dollars overnight... 

This is NOT the retreat for you. 

I won't be showing you how to create a windfall of cash ONCE... or turn into a pushy sales woman... 

Instead, I'll show you how to flood new clients to your business CONSISTENTLY... 

And in a super authentic way. 

I'll be sharing with you the same simple (yet effective) foundation I laid... which grew my business to $20,000/mth from scratch in just 90-days...

And then into the 8-Figure Coaching and Consulting Empire it is today.

More importantly, the same Pillars I've shown thousands of other Doers to help them hit their own Freedom Metric, in 100+ different industries!

Disclaimer: I'm not running the Freedom Retreat for those types of people... you know who I'm talking about... the complainers, excuse-makers, and get-rich-quick chasers... 
I Am Hosting It For Serious Doers Like You!
Someone who is willing to go ALL IN on their business... 

Someone who will take action and make the most out of our 2-days together.

So, if you're interested in creating consistent and reliable income in your coaching business... 

...and are wanting to find out more about what our 2-days together will look like... 

It’s time to step up and put on what I like to call those "big girl undies” :-)

It’s time to promise yourself that you won’t be one of those attendees…

…that does little or nothing with what I am about to give you at this Retreat.

But rather make this event your defining moment of 2020.
Many women come to me feeling incredibly frustrated... 
after working so hard to grow their business, they have little (to nothing) to show for it :-( 
Does that sound familiar? 

Is your business' income inconsistent, and unreliable? 

One month you're finally making progress with new clients rolling in... 

And the next, you're back on Seek or CraigsList, searching for a job because it's just not working :-( 

Maybe you're still hustling in your "day job", because although your business is making some money... 

It's not enough to cover all the real expenses of a business, like taxes, retirement funds, and advertising. 

Your passion is your side-hustle... so you never have enough time or energy to pour into it... 

And the cycle continues. 

It's a super stressful way to run a business... trust me, I get it! 

Until you can break free from this cycle, you can never experience true freedom in your business and lifestyle. 

At the end of the day, I'm pretty sure that's what you're after, right? 

Freedom is probably why you got into this business in the first place...
Freedom to:
  • Live life on your own terms...
  • ​Be able to do what you love every single day... 
  • ​Live where you want to live in the world...
  • ​Spend quality time with the people that truly matter in your life... 
What does Freedom mean to you? 

Is it laying on a tropical beach with a cocktail? 

Visiting the spa with a girlfriend? 

Travelling the world? 

Retiring your husband? 

Contributing something HUGE to a cause important to you? 

Or just never missing another kid's sports carnival? 

Well, my Courageous Doer...
acheiving that "freedom" comes down to just ONE NUMBER in your business 
A number that you MUST focus on soley with all your energy until it's reached. 

Yep, you guessed it... 

I call this number: The Freedom Metric. 

Your Freedom Metric is your monthly revenue number (at least $20k/mth) that allows you to finally take a step back and breathe... 

To know your bills will be paid, and there will still be money left over at the end of the month. 
Your Freedom Metric is the gateway to a whole new world...
Let me ask you...

What would your life look like if you were making a consistent $20,000 every month? 

You'd be less stressed, right? 

You could afford to live anywhere in the world, comfortably...

Take your whole family on a vacation once a year... 

Quickly build up a nest-egg for emergency spending and retirement... 

​Enjoy many of my favourite luxury items (like a massage once a week), without worrying if you could afford it... 

​AND, spend more quality time with the people you love. 

You could give your family the lifestyle they deserve, and leave the legacy you always dreamed of on the world around you. 

Instead of your passion being your "side hustle" while your corporate job pays the bills... 

You can embrace your life as an entrepreneur with confidence. 
So, how do you hit your freedom metric? 
Well, that's exactly where I want to help... without further ado, let me introduce:
The Freedom Retreat
The 2-Day Virtual Experience Designed To Help YOU 
hit your "Freedom Metric", so you can build your dream business & lifestyle in 2020
At this intimate 2-day Retreat, I'll be unpacking a SIMPLE, and sustainable way to hit your Freedom Metric every single month. 

No Plan B's. 
No I'll-Just-Go-Back-To-Corporate Back Up Plans.

You'll finally be able to build a business, a brand, and a legacy that you can rely on for your financial future! 

After you attend this Retreat, you'll be able to:
  • Find your tribe online and SERVE them really well...
  • ​Go all-in with your business without the fear... 
  • ​Be respected as the thought-leader and Expert you are... 
  • ​Leave a legacy for your family and loved ones...
  • ​Make your own rules of how you spend your time... 
  • ​FINALLY have the Freedom to enjoy LIFE. 
Because the thing is, Darl - many people dream about starting a business, but few actually make it happen. 

If you're courageous enough to take my hand at the Freedom Retreat, I'll walk you down the path less travelled. 

Even if...'ve got NO online experience. don't have a large following.'re not leaning on a trust fund to support you. know nothing about marketing and social media. 
Here's How It Works:
The Virtual Freedom Retreat is an immersive "Doing" Experience...
When I say "retreat", I don't mean this as a typical online workshop or virtual seminar where thousands of people will be joining. 

No, this is an intimate, live Done-With-You Experience for a small group of serious Doers. 

You and I will be working closely and "Doing" together... 

Plus, you'll partner with my team of marketers, specialists, product-creation geniuses, and coaching guns in their area of Genius too. 

The best part is though... 

You'll be able to get all of this live "Doing" done... from the comfort of your home! 

All you'll need to access this system is a laptop, internet connection, notebook, and hardcore Doing attitude...

So, if you're truly serious about accelerating your coaching business in 2020, then attending this event is a no-brainer. 

With that being said, let's take a look at:
the Pillars we'll be building Into Your Business at the "Freedom Retreat"
become a productivity and time management master
Master the most important asset you hold as an entrepreneur: TIME. We'll unpack practical Doing Tips to double your productivity without doubling your workload.
get clear on who you can help (and how)
Simple steps to identify a profitable market, niche, and dream client that feels authentic. Together, we'll pin point your top competitors and what makes YOU unique in your space. 
design your first Irresistible coaching offer
Stop guessing and know for sure you're creating a coaching offer your dream client's can't refuse. We'll apply the 6 Parts of a Successful Offer to your business, so you can build the right offer for your market, niche, and coaching expertise. Build it once, and profit from it for years to come. 
bring your program to life with the 5-simple tech tools every online business needs
DON'T FREAK OUT. These tools are designed with non-techy female entrepreneurs in mind. Instead of overloading you with plugins, programs, and pixels, we'll be unpacking the only 5 affordable tools you need to hit your Freedom Metric. 
Simple & authentic ways to sell your program (without spending a dime on advertising)
If you're expecting an approach with fancy funnels, complex automations, and overkill "tech" fads, this isn't the Retreat for you. These silver-bullet hacks typically do nothing but waste your time (and empty your bank account). 

At the Freedom Retreat, you'll learn the latest free traffic strategies working for coaches in 2020... and we'll even start implementing some of them IN THE ROOM! Get new clients flooding into your program without expensive ads, so you can hit your Freedom Metric faster. 
And much, much more...
PLUS, you'll be able to dig into our toolkit of resources, templates, and swipes... so you can take action faster without the guesswork :-) 
Let's take a look at who you'll be "doing" with at this retreat...
What's better than ONE coach with a decade of experience helping you build your business to $20k/mth? 

How about 7 coaches!?

At the Freedom Retreat, you can draw on my crew of marketing, sales, product, and coaching Experts.

They all have a unique and tailored skill-set (aka. a Genius Zone) that they can't wait to share with you... 

So no matter what question, stuck or roadblock is standing between you and your Freedom Metric...

You'll have someone to show you the simplest, smartest, and fastest path through!

Check them out: 
Founder of The Doers Way
From your pricing, to your Genius Zone, to your productivity, down to your evolution as
a coach... you and I will build the pillars of
your coaching business. 
Head Of Product
Build your audience, and get new clients WITHOUT Facebook Ads. Ruby will uncover the latest free traffic strategies to sell without sleaze.
Head of Marketing & Funnels
Uncover the 6 things that will make your offer irresistible to your dream clients with my in-house marketing pro Rachael. 
Marketing Expert
Find your tribe with the help of Marketing Expert Tenille. From identifying who you can help (and how) to standing out within a saturated market. Tenille will share our winning Market & Niche Discovery Formula with you.
Sales & Mindset Expert
Does the thought of selling your programs make you feel sleazy and uncomfortable? With Patsy's sales training and mindset hacks, you'll be able to close high-paying clients with confidence. 
Copywriting Expert
Find a unique message for your market that cuts through the noise, and helps establish you as an Expert. You'll be able to help your client's truly see and believe the transformation you can help them acheive. 
Lead Course Creator
Discover the 5 essential tools every online business needs to build profitable, irresistible programs. Laura will unveil the affordable programs we lean-on daily that are perfect for even non-techy ladies. 
Don't go it alone...
This is your chance to finally overcome those roadblocks that have been holding you back from building the successful business you set out to... 

This is your chance to ask specific questions, and get specific answers. 

No more generic advice and training...

Just actionable, hands-on, Done-With-You implementation time with a team of Experts who can show you the fastest way to success. 

It get's better though, Lovely Lady, because...
PLUS, when you do hit your "Freedom Metric"...
I'll send you a #DoingWin dinner, spa, or travel Voucher ($100 Value), so you can celebrate in style! 
Whether it's a dinner with your hubby, with a Pinot from the "fancy" wine list...

Or a night away on your own for some peace, quiet, and R&R... 

I want to help you celebrate hitting your Freedom Metric the right way! 

I believe that unnecessary humility is a BIG problem amongst female entrepreneurs...

And it's reached epidemic propostions with women hiding, ignoring, or even being embarassed by their wins and acheivements :-( 

Especially those wins that are tied to money and income. 

Guilt... Unworthiness... Self-conciousness... 

They creep in, and they rob us of the joy we are entitled to for taking action, and making progress. 

I firmly believe that this culture needs to change for ourselves, our businesess, and the next generation of young girls who will be our women leaders of the future. 

That's why, when you hit your Freedom Metric, I want to give you a gift to go towards your perfect #DoingWin celebration :-) 
Here's How It Works...
1. Come to the "Freedom Retreat" ready to Learn and Do...

2. Set your "Freedom Metric" (monthly income number) that you want to hit (minimum $20,000)... 

3. Be a Doer! Listen to the advice of myself and my team, and apply the strategies we share with you to your business...

4. If you hit your Freedom Metric within 90-Days of the "Freedom Retreat", let us know (with proof), and...
5. We'll send you a $100 local travel, food, or experience voucher, to go towards your Perfect #DoingWin Celebration!
Retreat Date:
Tuesday 11th - Wednesday 12th August, 2020 (USA) | 5pm - 10pm EDT
Wednesday 12th - Thursday 13th August, 2020 (AUS) |7am - 12pm AEST
PLUS...You'll Receive These Additional Bonuses FREE!
A Done-For-You Market Survey
(Valued At $197)
I learnt the hard way the importance of giving your market what they actually want (not just what you think they do)... but with 4 billion people online, it can be overwhelming to work out what that is! 

That's why we'll be building you a Done-For-You Market Research Survey with questions tailored to your market... 

So you can cut through the noise, and create irresistible offers without the guesswork. 
A Work From Home "Doing" Kit
(Valued At $297)
Avoid frantic note-taking with this Work From Home Kit sent straight to your door!

I've preloaded this kit with notes, worksheets, checklists, additional trainings and more...

PLUS, I've even included a list of my favourite Doing snacks and cocktail recipies... 

So you can fully immerse yourself in this live Doing Experience without missing a thing :-) 
Ultimate List-Building 
Swipe File
(Valued at $297)
Build a community of 1,000 loyal, raving fans online with this ultimate swipe!

Simply copy/paste/tweak these templates to start thousands of conversations a month with ideal clients without feeling sleazy, slimey or salesy...

Because conversations = conversions = cash! 

These will help you build true, authentic relationships online without the guesswork. 
2x Coaching Calls 
(Valued at $697)
Together, we'll be mapping out your roadmap to hit your Freedom Metric in the fastest time possible.

So, to make sure no question or roadblock comes in between you and those goals... you'll also receive 2x weeks of post-event coaching calls with Grace's Expert Team! 

These sessions are valued at $697, but you'll get free access to 2x weeks of calls on us. 
This isn't just another seminar...
 This is a hands on Done-With-You Intensive.
My Biggest Guarantee Yet:
Attend the Freedom retreat 100% Risk Free
In creating The Freedom Retreat I thought long and hard…

How I could make this an absolute “No Brainer” for you to join me for 2 days and take away all your risk?

So to make sure I have done that, I 100% guarantee…

That you will absolutely love the event and receive huge value from the training…

As well as the done-with-you nature of the entire experience.

If for whatever reason you don’t find immense value from our dedicated days together…

I’ll refund you your entire ticket, as long as you let me know before the start of the second day of training.

Sound fair?

The important details:

1. There are LIMITED Seats available inside this event

2. This is a digital event, hosted Online via a private link 
(meaning you can join from anywhere in the world!)

3. You'll then Join us LIVE on these dates:

Tuesday 11th - Wednesday 12th August, 2020 (USA) | 5pm - 10pm EDT

Wednesday 12th - Thursday 13th August, 2020 (AUS) | 7am - 12pm AEST

the investment:

option #1

$4,997 USD $1,997 USD

Best Value Option

option #2

2x $1,197 USD

Total Price: $2,394 USD

Testimonials From Women Who Have Joined Me At An Intimate Retreat...

Rita Johnson

I Want to try and express what. a mind-blowing retreat the Virtual Course Creation was for me! I was totally amazed at the amount of incredible content and support from every person involved...

It's crazy how close I felt to others in attendance as well! grace is awesome and I just cannot express how well spend my investment was for my future. Absolutely tremendous presentation and appreciation for those two days. Thank you Grace the Team!

Rebecca Abouaf

It was such an amazing experience.

I can't believe all the value we all got out of it - absolutely everything I need to put my first course and have it be a success - even ongoing support and extra values Grace offered along the way...

I can't say enough! highly recommend. Thank you Grace and team!!

Lilly Rose Wonder

I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for all that was provided for us in the retreat! I really enjoyed the platform and it was nice to have some specific questions answered...

The vibe was great. I am so appreciative of the new that is being carved out for my life through what I have learned in The Doers Way.

I look forward to spending my time selling with ease and confidence.

here's just a fraction of what we'll get done at this retreat...

  • Build a community of 1,000 loyal raving fans online... I'll uncover my authentic system for starting thousands of conversations every month wth ideal clients without feeling sleazy or pushy. 
  • ​Discover your Genius Zone and how to turn it into a profitable business without the guesswork. 
  • ​Demystify "market research"... figure out WHO your tribe are, how you can help them, what niche is most profitable, and how to overtake your competitors. Cut through the noise and stand out with a practical market audit. 
  • Discover the best (and most affordable) tools for getting in front of your market without the tech-overwhelm. These tools make flooding your business with new clients and giving them an exceptional experience simple... automated... and hands-free. 
  • ​Pin-point the perfect price for your offers that your market can't refuse. Get paid what you're worth... 
  • ​Figure out where you fit in the Evolution of a Coach... Operating in the wrong step can be fatal for your business. I'll help you figure out the top priorities you need to have to hit your Freedom Metric. 
  • Design the 6 Parts of your Incredible Offer... you'll leave this Retreat with a program that maximises your Genius Zone and is a pleasure to fulfil. 
  • ​Double your productivity without doubling your workload... Uncover my productivity hacks to get twice as much done every day.
  • ​You know you can help your clients, but how can you help THEM see and believe it?! We'll map out the perfect messaging to cut through the noise, and connect with dream clients online. With the right message, you can have clients beating down YOUR door begging to work with you! 
  • Fill your programs for free with the latest free traffic strategies working right now for coaches... No more expensive Facebook Ads that don't convert. Implement these effective and proven Free Traffic Strategies in the room with us. 
  • ​Struggling to transition your coaching from face-to-face to online? You're not alone... I'll help you gain the confidence you need to become an Online Coaching Pro.
  • ​Define your income goals and know the exact steps to take in order to reach them. 
  • ​Get paid what you're worth, so you can escape the time for money vortex, and stop creating a "job" for yourself. 
  • ​Sales scripting that takes you from robotic and uncomfortable to naturally flowing conversation that ends with a 4–5 FIGURE SALE! 
  • ​​How to EASILY overcome their objections, and land a new high‐ticket client nearly every time you get on the phone! This training has been responsible for the close of sales calls worth millions.
  • ​And much, much more... 
Do I Qualify?
Here are the basic requirements if you'd like to join me at this retreat...
  •  You need to have a real business that is already established. 
  • If you are just in 'idea' phase this is not best for you. 
  •  You need to have a legitimate business that can benefit from generating leads/new customers on the internet.
  • If you're a network marketer or not the legal owner of your brand, this is not the event for you. 
  •  You need to be willing to listen and respect our advice.
  • If you're the type of person who thinks you have a problem no one can solve, this won't be a good fit for you or us. You must be ready to take responsibility and hear the truth.
  •  You need to be able to move quickly.
  • If this is not the right time for you to accelerate your business, please don't apply. This event will be sold out so only register if you're ready to act now and not afraid of being challenged.
  •  You need to be prepared to invest in yourself and the success of your business.
  • This isn't some cheap get-rich-quick scheme that promises you a million dollars while you only invest $1,000. This is a premium experience designed for the 1%'s who will take the time, money and energy to get even better results in their business. 
  •  You need to be willing to roll up your sleeves and create your assets with me.
  • This is not a learning seminar where you passively sit and watch; this is a Doing Intensive where you will get more done in 2 days that you might usually in 6 months or more. You must be ready to work. 
  •   Lastly, we have a strict "nice people only" policy.
  • If you've got attitude, ego, or feel entitled to whinge and complain about anything and everything, then this is not going to work for you. Life is too short to work with dreamers, and my team and I will not be your paid slaves. I find it silly that I have to mention this but yes, there are people like this out there ;-)

Your questions answered...

How much experience do I need? 
This retreat is designed for female entrepreneurs at any stage of business who want to hit their Freedom Metric (at least $20k/mth). Whether you're brand new to business, or you've been in it for decades, if you're riding the income rollercoaster and would like consistency, this is the Retreat for you. 

What time will the Virtual Retreat run? 
The Retreat will run from 5pm - 10pm EDT (7am - 12pm AEST) on both days. 

Is this included with my Doers Inner Circle Membership?
No, we always like to give members of the Doers Inner Circle the chance to take your business further, and go beyond the training included in the membership. 
What do I need to prepare?
We've got a Doing Checklist we'll send you in advance, so you can feel super confident walking into the Retreat, that you're going to get the most out of your time together. 

What if I can't make the dates above?
Sorry, unfortunately I don't have plans to host this Virtual Retreat again anytime soon. 

How will I join the Retreat? 
All sessions will be hosted through Hopin. You'll receive a link to jump inside prior to the day. 

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